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Two Irish Farmers

Mick and Paddy, two Irish farmers
Mick and Paddy, two Irish charmers
Not afraid of life’s true hard labours
Forever they had been farming neighbours

Last week Mick walked into Paddy’s barn
Not looking for much other than a good yarn
Two cool blokes, just another chat with the guys
What he didn’t expect, was to get a surprise

He went looking at something stored on the shelf
Instead saw Paddy naked and playing with himself
Mick tried his hardest to not smirk or to jeer
Despite Paddy being naked in front of the John Deere

“Jaysus! Paddy what the hell ar’ ya doin’?
Known ye forever but no idea what your pursuin’”
Paddy stood dead still not at all ashamed
He even had someone else ready to be blamed

“Mary and I been having some bedroom problems
Do little more than lay there just touching bottoms
Went to a therapist he said there was a common factor
Then suggested I do something real sexy to a tractor.”


  1. Lol …. you amaze me sometimes!! : )

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