The first strike would have been deadly had it been delivered properly but Franky, although he was the leader of their little group of fools, was not very good at walking and making his fist hit its intended target at the same time.

Had the strike hit its intended target it would have struck Rigabold the pernicketness on the back of the head somewhere in the centre of the occipital bone. It was a punch that had copped much media attention in Australia and one Rigabold had read up on quite a bit. The strike was usually an un-calculated, un-aimed, unjustified, punch, delivered by a drunken fool too stupid to control himself, the reason for the media attention was that King hits, as they were named, had a nasty habit leaving the often unsuspecting victims paralysed or in too many cases dead.

In his own body such a hit wouldn’t have even caused Rigabold a head ache because the Tumcuddulan skull wasn’t as fragile as the human skull, but in his human form he was as susceptible as any other person walking the planet. He was just lucky Franky did not have the IQ to manage two separate tasks at the same time.

Instead of hitting him in the occipital bone Franky’s fist struck Riagbold on the neck just behind the left ear, it was a strike that hurt but not enough to knock Riagbold from his feet. As Franky’s fist glanced down the left hand side of Riagbold’s neck and bounced off his shoulder Rigabold turned quickly and faced his attacker.

“I’m sorry, did you not hear me when I said I must be leaving?” Rigabold said as Franky struggled to regain his stance.

“We heard yo..!” There was an audible omph in Chickenshit’s voice as he spoke his words and at the same time reached forward to help his stumbling leader and hit the ground himself. Waveyman and Cowpat laughed as they watched Chickenshit hit the hard dusty ground, he hadn’t saved his leader from falling but he’d done a wonderful job of falling himself. “Shuddup ya bastards!” Chicken shit said as he pushed himself to his knees, then feet.

“Settle down boys, let’s remember who is the target here.” Franky said as he helped Chickenshit up.

“Target?” Rigabold said as if he wasn’t sure what Franky had meant.

“You really are as dumb as dog shit, aren’t you?” Franky replied with a smirk on his face as he stepped closer to Rigabold.

Rigabold spend the few seconds of bantering time weighing up his options, he knew he could take all four men out before they caused him any major pain but the order in which he took them down was important to minimise the damage to himself.

Franky, although not really a match in strength for Rigabold was obviously the best choice to be taken out first. He was the strongest of the four and as leader having him being out of action would upset the balance of the remaining three making them easier to take out. Chickenshit had to be the last one standing, he would be easy to take down and as the last man standing he’d more than likely be filled with a false sense of bravdo hoping to save his mates. Cowpat and Waveyman didn’t look as weak and vulnerable as Chickenshit but Rigabold also knew not to under estimate an enemy.

“Did you not hear me?” Franky asked.

“Oh I heard you make some reference to how smart dog shit is.” Rigabold paused. “But I wonder what makes you qualified to make such a judgement.” He paused again. “Surely to make such a claim the claimant must actually be superior to the two items he’s comparing?”

“Are you calling me dog shit you fucking maggot?” Franky asked, his voiced raised and getting louder.

Rigabold knew he had Franky reaching the edge and about ready to step off into grumpyville. “No sir, not at all,” he paused for dramatic effect again, “I’m suggesting dog shit is BETTER than you!” Rigabold knew that his final comment was more than enough to send Franky over the edge.

Enraged and growling Franky threw his fist hard and fast directly at Rigabold’s head. Unlike the first punch the second was dead on target with Riagbold’s nose and when it struck it would no doubt cause a stream of blood to run down Rigabold’s face. However Rigabold had no intention of letting that happen. He saw the punch early and was on the defensive before it struck.

Rigabold quickly raised his right hand and stopped Franky’s fist centimetres from his face, there wasn’t even a flinch, the look of surprise on all four faces before him brought a smile to his face.

Wrapping his fingers around Franky’s fist tightly Rigabold twisted the shocked man’s hand quickly, a twist that went all the way down his arm. Before Franky even knew what was happening to him he’d been flipped onto his back on the ground.

Still holding onto Franky’s hand Rigabold stepped on his neck and held him to the ground. With his left hand balled into a fist he then swung at Cowpat. One punch, one knock out and Cowpat hit the dust breathing but not aware of anything. Next came Waveyman, again one punch was all it took and it wasn’t even the best hook that Riagbold could manage.

Rigabold was three for three, two men lay on the hard dirt ground, both knocked out, the leader was laying on the ground screaming in pain with Rigabold’s foot on his throat and his arm twisted painfully. Rigabold pushed his foot down harder to stop the screams then looked directly at Chickenshit.

“Let him go, or so help me…” Chickenshit said.

“Or what?” Rigabold asked.

“Or I’ll fucking kill you!”

Rigabold knew Chickenshit was talking big because he had nothing else left. “No you wont!” Rigabold said. He then swapped hands, changing to hold Franky’s right hand with his left, then took a swing at the one man remaining standing.

The first swing was a deliberate miss just to see Chickenshit flinch, but the second was not and Chickenshit hit the ground just like his two mates had.

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