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Paddy & Mick

bad poetry

Two Irish men in a bar, drinking beer
Typical Irish men acting kind of queer
Paddy says to Mick, “Close your curtains
‘Cause the whole street did see you for certains!”

“See me doing what?”
Mick asked with concern.
“Shagging your missus with your big worm.”
Paddy replied politely
after a swig of ale
“We see it every day you big studly male!”

Mick thought and then he said
“Jokes on you
and all your big goggle eyed crew.
For these are all rumours
that you all speak
Because I knew for a fact
I’ve been away all week!”


  1. Wellll …. a lady would not confess to being such a snoop, but …..

  2. … Of course not. I was on neighborhood watch. Protecting the community and such. ; )

  3. … Of course not. With all the moaning and wrestling around, I was concerned for their welfare.

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