Of course Matthew accepted my sweet offer to buy him dinner for his job well done in helping me rescue Lars and Coby’s Patrol. To be honest he really didn’t have much choice, I knew he wouldn’t accept any money for helping me, he was on holidays and no doubt getting paid a handsome sum anyway, but there was almost nothing in the fridge or freezer back at the house.

It happens from time to time, sometimes it’s because I’m out more that I am in and I run out of time to go to the shops, other times it’s because I’ve been a bit lazy on the home front. However there is always coffee and at the very least long life milk at home, I don’t particularly like the stuff but it’s better than milk that’s been in the fridge for three weeks. Anyway that was the situation I was in at home, with an extra mouth to feed and being busy I hadn’t had a chance to get to the shops and as we were driving past the pub it was an obvious choice.

As usual when I was going to the pub after heading through town I pulled up out the front of the Cop Shop rather than turn the Beast around and park in a direction I wasn’t planning to head afterwards. The fact that Nick’s cop truck wasn’t parked next to where I parked was not overly surprising, we’d been out of town for the best part of the day and he could have been called out anywhere for anything. Chances are he was out patrolling the highway somewhere, cruising up and down looking for speeders, someone in town would probably know for sure.

After climbing out of the Beast and walking to the rear of the tray I could see Nick’s sign on the front door of the station. I didn’t have to get close to read it, I knew that it apologised for his absence, offered several different phone numbers that could be rung in the event of an emergency and also stated that for non important police matters a message could be left for him at the pub. We didn’t have a message for him but we were headed to the pub.

“He’s obviously gone out and doesn’t want to join us!” I said to Matthew pointing at the sign on the door with my right hand. “Let’s head over ourselves if he comes back he’ll join us I’m sure.”

“I hope he comes back.” Matthew said before adding. “Then you can tell him just how good I was today.”

Honestly I could only play nice and loving sister so long before I snotted him if he insisted on keeping up with his rescue carry on. “Why? Can’t you tell him yourself?” I asked.

“Well I could but honestly it would seem egotistical and pig headed if I was blowing my own trumpet all the time!”

Ok, so I wasn’t entirely sure what I was expecting to come out of his mouth, but I knew it was going to be something corny, I just didn’t realise how corny. Now for such a silly comment I could have thumped him, I could have laughed at him or I could have told him to shut up. But instead I stepped up next to him, put my arm around his neck and pulled him close to me.

“You really are a doofus sometimes. Come on, lets go and get dinner!”

As usual we were both greeted fondly as we entered the pub and as usual Barry was behind the bar with a red and white chequered tea towel in his hand cleaning glasses.

“Couple of beers and dinner for you tonight girl?” Barry asked as we say down at the bar.

“You bet, make the beer cold and the dinner hot, it’s been a long day.” I replied.

“Same for you?” Barry said turning to Matthew.

“Yeah except I’ll have the lobster because she’s paying!”

The three of us laughed at Matthew’s comment, not only was lobster usually the most expensive dish on any menu in this country the chance of getting one this far inland was pretty darn low. Even if one was available it would probably cost more than a nugget of gold weighing the same given the transportation to get it there.

“I’ve said it before my dear boy, the city has made you soft!” I said to Matthew, then to Barry, “ He’ll have the usual.”

“Of course he will.” Barry replied as he grabbed two glasses and moved in front of the beer taps.

“Of course I will.” replied Matthew.

“So wotchya been up to Dean?” Barry asked as he expertly poured the beers into out glasses so that there was a head but it didn’t look like Mr Whippy had poured them.

“Rescuing a couple of greenhorns in a Patrol, they’ll probably be in later they are down with Stephen getting their batteries check out.” I put my hand on the cold glass that Barry placed on the bar in front of me as I spoke. I hadn’t even got the cold glass to my mouth yet my brain was telling me how wonderful and refreshing the amber fluid was.

Before Barry disappeared out the back to cook our meals I did tell him about Matthew’s effort, I didn’t embellish it as much as he’d have liked me too but I also didn’t play down any part of it. When I was finished my story Barry offered Matthew a free drink for his efforts and although I protested based on my doing similar rescues all the time and not be rewarded Barry did not feel inclined to give me a free drink.

“Where’s Nick? Do you know?” I asked Barry as he headed to the door which lead to the kitchen to cook our meals.

“Na, not exactly. Police business out at the Gibb airport he told me before he left.”

“When was that?” I asked.

“About 11 this morning.” Barry replied as the door swung shut behind him.

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