“I’m going to ride this storm to the end of the world. I’ll set fire to the sky.I know the truth shall be told when the circle unfolds and we are under the cube of time! I shall ride this storm to the world below defying the tide as I go. I shall ride this storm and quest the seas with a vengeance until this world shall end.”

The Good Captain took a breath and re-read the last paragraph.

It made no more sense the second time he read it. What was his father trying to say, he wondered. What point was his father trying to make and why did the writing appear so disjointed?

What had started out as a story that seemed to be going somewhere, even seemed to have a point quickly turned within several paragraphs, but what the Good Captain read in that last paragraph was nothing short of confusing.

The words seemed to suggest the Good Captain’s father knew his end was neigh and he was going to ride out the storm to the very end. But what storm? There was no mention of the storm to end his time on earth in the first part of the story, the first part of the story was about the future. A future he knew that his father had seen even if science, the same science that he saw proven wrong in that future, said was not possible.

Confused but somewhat bemused the Good Captain read on rather than dwell on the previous words read. He hoped that maybe by the time he was at the end of the story things might be a little clearer for him.

“ Forget your sciences as you know them…”

“Now you are reverting back to science?” The Good Captain whispered to the empty room while looking directly at the ledger laying on the table before him.

“Perspective is why the sky and the earth eventually converge as one upon the horizon that you can see in all directions. You shall know by now that this fact of life can not be changed or altered in any way because it lies deep down, so deep down, in the fact in which you know, just like you know that around the earth the sun doth roll.

I was once haunted by a quest, it was a terribly perilous quest.”

“Where are you headed now father?” The Good Pirate asked himself.

“My nightmare it did circulate constantly inside my head. Revolve it did until one dark day in the middle of the night a mission did unfold. It was a vision oh so clear, a vision I could nay ignore. I was to set sail to World’s end. Little did I know at the time, despite such a clear vision, exactly where that would lead me.

A magical timecube was presented to me by someone I did not see and I knew in a moment that my voyage was going to begin. A voyage that would see me travel further into the future than any pirate had every travelled before.”

The Good Captain stopped and stared at the page, immediately he noticed the connection of time travel between the start of the story and where he was up too, but did it actually mean anything? He read on.

“My travels began and took me every forwards in a Westerly direction. I was headed towards a unknown, but that unknown did not scare me for some how I knew upon reaching there the truth would finally be told.

In my mind the story unravelled, the story where the sun was no longer the centre of the universe. I’m sure, although I didn’t believe it at the time, that the story also told of the sun’s demise. Told that instead of a world based on theory, or god forbid logic that I would be able to base in on observation, and experience, an empirical revolution if you so desire.

It told that upon my return I would have the knowledge and power to fight the fraudulent scourge, cross the unknown and continual on to the terrestrial verge. ”

The Good Captain was completely bamboozled by what he was reading before him. Had the text been separate into multiple parts he may have considered it several interesting yeah fictional stories, but together he some how knew there was truth on the page before him.

“I shall traverse Magnetic North and drop over the edge of darkness letting the mighty Cronos guide my way. I shall pass over the Elysium Fields shattering the false deception, smashing their enlightenment and forcing them to face reality.”

Yet again the paragraph appeared to not belong within the text the Good Captain had been reading. Yet again the passage could have been included in a larger piece of text and made complete sense, yet being placed where it was little sense was to be found.

“What is your point dear Father!” The Good Captain called out to the empty room not expecting and answer and not being let down when one didn’t arrive. He moved on to the final paragraph.

“Time as it is known from whence I came has been forged in the fires of chaos. What I shall learn, what I shall know, what I did know shall change that. Earth is nothing more than fragments. We are forever moving onwards. If you follow the signs as I have followed the signs you will see that the price of existing is such a small price to pay. Someone must pay for the sins of the past. After aeons living the way we once did thanks to I entropy will be conquered at last!”

Confused the Good Captain simply shut the ledger, rubbed his temples, got up from the table and headed out of the large dinning room.

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