“What are you doing here?” Danny asked Tracey as she stepped up to where he as sitting and eating his snack.

He hadn’t specifically invited Tracey down to the track to watch him race, in fact he’d deliberately not mentioned it because he was trying to escape both himself and his personal life. The ironic thing was that if he’d asked Tracey not to come, actually spoken to her before leaving home, she would have respected his request and stayed away, but with no such request put forward it was her thought that she would be there to show her support.

“I came down to cheer you on.” She said as she sat down on the chair next to him. Danny said nothing and continued to eat his snack as he watch the screen in front of him. “I’m sorry Danny. Did you not want me here this weekend?” Tracey asked.

“No, it’s fine.” Danny said after swallowing the mouthful of food he was chewing. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t want her there to see him race, he just didn’t want to be alone around her in case she began asking questions he didn’t want to answer. Why he didn’t want to answer them he wasn’t entirely sure but with the chance of her asking such questions at the race track slim while others were near Danny saw no need to be completely rude to her and send her home.“I just didn’t think you’d want to be here since it wasn’t a main event race.”

“Of course I want to be here to see you race. I don’t care which event it is.”

“Alright, well that’s fine, you can stay.” Danny responded not really meaning it but not strong enough to say otherwise.

“When do you race?” Tracey asked.

“2pm.” Danny responded after swallowing another mouthful.

Tracey looked at her watch and saw that it was only a few minutes after 12pm, even with Danny having to get race ready she still had a little bit more than an hour to spend with her husband.

“How did qualifying go?”

“Ok, starting in eighth.” Danny responded pointedly.

“Oh, well that’s a good effort.”

“It’s shit, but could be worse, spose.” Danny’s blunt responses were indication to Tracey that he wasn’t trying very hard to communicate with her so instead of pushing him to talk she sat back and looked at the same screen Danny was.

When Danny went off to get ready for his race Tracey bid him farewell and wished him luck for the race, they’d barely spoken in the hour or so the two of them had sat there but Tracey couldn’t let him go without saying good luck.

Tracey knew better than to tell Danny where she was planning to watch the race from, if he happened to see her behind the walls somewhere, which did happen from time to time, it never seemed to be the issue, it was if she actually told him where she’d be things seemed to turn bad for her. She understood rituals, understood that race drivers and many other sportsmen were somewhat superstitious, some to the point of always wearing the same socks to a big game, or eating the same food, some even claimed sex before their race, game, whatever was the key to them having success.

Even Danny used to claim sex was his lucky charm, it didn’t always make him win but it seemed to keep his mind clear and his racing safe. That was until he hit the pit wall leaving the pit lane because he wasn’t watching his exit speed and one of his slick tyres slipped on the glossy painted line and spun him sideways taking him out of the race. He hadn’t been thinking about the sex that had happened the night before in the transporter, but that didn’t stop him blaming Tracey because she had obviously done something different and broken the good luck charm. What it was he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, elaborate on at the time, and never did, but he needed someone to blame for losing the race and when driver error was the only excuse he needed something else to deflect it and Tracey was that something else, as she had been many times previous. It was the sort of thing that didn’t worry Tracey, she’d rather be blamed for something minor, even petty, that she knew wasn’t her fault than have Danny snap because no one else would take the blame.

So instead of telling Danny where she was sitting for the race duration she simply parted ways wishing him good luck, sometimes getting a kiss, then leaving the pit garage. Some race meets she’d come back to the pit garage when Danny was in the car, other times she’d watch from behind the fence. Given that the Classic Car racing always drew less crowds she decided that watching Danny race the Lamborghini was going to be better at the start of pit straight, just right of the pit lane entrance and at the end of a long straight with a sweeping chicane that lead into the final corner. It was a good fast part of the track where the cars raced through the last chicane on the circuit then braked heavily to slow the car down for the hard right hander onto pit straight, with the speed and breaking of the Lamborghini it promised to be an action packed corner.

Although she didn’t know all the teams along pit lane in the Classic Cars series Tracey knew a few team drivers and team wives and as she walked along the rear of the pits she nodded, and greeted anyone whose path she crossed.

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