Even the Good Captain had to admit, if only to himself, that his father’s ledger was at times hard to read. He didn’t doubt that it was genuine, that the stories that were etched between it’s covers were true, or that the man he now knew was his father had experienced every word he’d written, but that didn’t change his thoughts about the ledger.

It didn’t matter whether the stories dated back to the Golden Age of Piracy or only back to the days when the Good Captain was but a young pirate, each and every story was written in a unique way. Sometimes they came across as matter of factly, sometimes, despite the fact the Good Pirate knew different, the stories sounded fictitious, while other times the stories appeared disjointed and possibly even multiple stories in one hand written script.

The script the Good Captain was reading was one of those disjointed ones. It was clear to see the story was written in the same script, with the same quill and more than likely at the same time. However whether it was written about one experience or multiple experiences the Good Captain was not entirely sure. But he was sure that every word was the truth.

Going back to the start of the entry he was reading with the intention of re-reading it, The Good Captain read the title of the story

“To The End Of The World”

“Here I sit alone on the bow of my ship, I have travelled further than any pirate I personally know and I am wondering if I may ever get back to whence I came. The year is…”

The Good Pirate stared at the date, it seemed ludicrous to see a date start with the number three but he knew his father’s ledger spoke nothing but the truth.

“…, how I got to this point shall be revealed to you in time, but for now as you read this simply accept what is possible.

As the waves rock my ship gently side to side and I drift across this ocean once named Atlantic I am reading this holographic codex of doom. An old dusty tomb of lore which was found in the deepest catacombs of the ocean that is now known as Mantalever. So named after Sanguine Mantalever predicted the shifting tectonic plates would create new lands and deeper oceanic caves in the mid twenty seventh century.”

The Good Captain took a deep breath and kept reading.

“What I see before me contradicts the long held doctrines and philosophies of the world in which I came from and which I shall return to some time not long from now. However the method of my returning shall not be that which be spoke about at this time.”

Again the disjointedness of the story as written was evident and made the script that little bit hard for the Good Captain to read.

“I’d seen the Golden Age Of Piracy, I’d seen my own son born, and I’d seen more than a century as a pirate captain, but I was still not ready for science when it began to explain the dawn of mankind. Just as a person with less belief than they ought to may not believe these words as they are scribed, myself and those around me struggled to believe the science of the time.

Scientists tried to tell us where it was we came from, one big bang. Science then told us that evolution brought us to what we were. But perhaps the biggest fallacy of them all was that science told us where we would end up.

But I can tell you now, and there is not a single doubt within my mind, that science has lied to us since the dawning on mankind. Predictions were nothing more than guesses, scientific facts nothing short of doom laden suggestions to bring an entire world into a single train of thought.

How do I know this? Simple. Because my friend I am witness to it.”

The Good Captain shuffled in his seat and refocused his eyes on the smallish script written on the page.

“Three thousand years of deceit and misinformation from the science that was said to be protecting the world will come to an end. The people of the time have had enough and will free the world as it is known now from the shackles the time placed upon it.

Hypothetical and theoretical structures were exposed. Mathematical flaws were uncovered and long held doctrines were laid to waste as the truth was discovered. Science may have been able to hide their lies for more centuries than was fair but the people of the new millennium became smarter than the ancient sciences. Then armed with the infraction they had been force fed and armoured with the new truths they had discovered the world revolted.”

The Good Captain took another deep breath and re-read that part of the ledger again. While parts of the story seemed clear and concise, other parts appeared so disjointed that they needed to be read more than once. However even on his third read through there was parts he was still having trouble comprehending.

The facts where there for any reader to see, it was incoherent method in which those facts were presented that made the story appear disconnected and harder to read.

For a brief moment the Good Captain wondered if inviting the Fair Maiden in to share the story would help with his understanding of what the story his father was trying to tell. However that thought was quickly expelled for he knew that while one day he would in fact share the contents of the ledger with the Fair Maiden, and possibly others, it was his father’s unspoken wish that he read the entire ledger himself first before sharing.

With that in mind he continued reading.

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