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Going To Work

bad poetry

This morning I was feeling a tad grumpy
Maybe I cause did get no rumpy pumpy
Either way I had no time to shirk
I had to get myself off to work

Traffic was shit and people are morons
They drive like they’ve got a knot in their long johns
Still, it can’t be helped, nothing can be done
I just drove on, glad I didn’t have a shotgun

When I got to work I was tired and narky
But I tried real hard not to crack a darky
I did really well and got myself under control
I had a job to do and it was the payroll

Standing at the door into the office, was a clown
He opened the door for me, how could I feel down
Even while, I was wearing a suit made of polyester
But I did think, opening the door was a nice Jester.


  1. That’s the spirit,

  2. This is what happens when there is “no rumpy pumpy.”

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