For the remainder of the week Danny and Tracy talked around the intimate exchange they’d shared in the bedroom. Even at the therapy session with Francis Wayland it had only come up briefly and when Danny only offered a few words on the subject Francis decided to divert Tracey’s focus to another topic leaving her with the thought that sex wasn’t the be all and end all of any relationship, especially not a relationship that was in need of repair.

For Tracey the week flowed on the same way many weeks in the previous year flowed, especially the weeks surrounding when she lost the baby. One day flowed into the next, conversation was minimal and even when she did try to interact with Danny the responses she got were short and to the point. He didn’t appear to be completely ignoring her and he definitely wasn’t intoxicated like he’d so often been in the past but he was unresponsive.

For Danny the week dragged on and he didn’t see things quite the same way Tracey did. He knew he wasn’t involving himself deeply into any conversation, he knew he was often being abrupt with her and he knew she was trying harder than he was to make something work, but he had his reasons. They were reasons he wasn’t willing to share with anyone, not even Rick, but he had managed to convince himself that it had nothing to do with sex. So much so that during one of Tracey’s advances on the morning before seeing Francis he’d nearly given in and let her have her way with him.

On the work front Danny had managed a relatively quiet week. A few late interviews had come in at the last minute, but they were easy interviews, easy questions and nothing got out of hand. On the testing front Rick and his team had managed to get the new front end in the test car and things were progressing well. Danny and Dave did a few sponsorship meetings which were really only a free lunch with the top of the town who occasionally liked to see where their massive amounts of corporate money was being spent. Most of the time sponsorship lunches were painless events, there was occasionally a CEO or bean counter out there who thought paying a large sum of money not only got them a sticker on the car and a mention in every interview it also gave them the ability tell Danny how to drive. But thankfully for Danny those types were not as prominent as they used to be.

For Tracey on the home front she’d had a completely opposite week to Danny, while his working week had been quiet and easy Tracey’s had been annoying. She’d dwelt way too much on the silence between them and spent too many idle minutes thinking about ways to engage Danny in conversation. She rang her mother two more times, neither time getting any solid answers, although in hind sight she didn’t blame her mother for that. Each day she made herself busy cleaning the house, different tasks on different days, on Wednesday she even resorted to taking down all the curtains and washing them just to keep herself busy. She didn’t expect Danny to praise her for her work done however she also couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened when he came home and in the clean lounge room just kicked off his shoes, dumped his work bag on the coffee table and threw his jacket on the neatly laid out couch.

During some of the idle time Tracey found herself considering options that the two of them could do, as a couple, during the weekend. Ideas of a weekend away were not on the cards, they’d done that only a few weeks before and while it had been a bit of a break through in their relationship woes it was not something either of them would be happy doing again so soon. A picnic at the beach or a Saturday night date night seemed like the most logical thing given that neither of them required a huge effort, cost too much of their weekend time, but still gave them the time alone. Although such thoughts did come to Tracey easy idea on how to make such ideas sound inviting to Danny did not come as easy.

Over dinner on Thursday evening, after the Danny and Tracey had spent two hours with Francis and her therapy session, Tracey had tried to bring the conversation around to a discussion about the two of them going out for dinner but it was quickly shot down by Danny.

Danny told her flat out as he ate his lasagne that he’d already made plans for the weekend, plans he had no intention of changing. He then made the excuse that his work week, which he’d barely discussed with Tracey and therefore could extend the truth, had been a stressful one and he needed time to wind down. It was something Tracey had heard before. Often in the bad times Danny’s wind down weekends consisted of pub crawls with the boys, drunk for the majority of the two days and some weekends not even coming home.

Immediately hearing that Danny had plans he’d obviously not thought enough to share with her until she tried to make plans Tracey did think the worst, but thankfully Danny’s plans were not as bad as she thought. Instead of a weekend of drinking and carrying on with the boys Danny’s plans only involved practising.

He might have been limited to the actual testing he could do in the race car but he was able to complete in other events and with the no designated race in his own competition Danny had decided, without telling anyone, including his team, that he was going to race in a Classic Cars racing competition at the local track with an affiliated team to his own.

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