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The Internet Is A Joke

Who said things are suppose to be easier?
Who said the Internet would make thing breezier?
Who said that things would be at our finger tips?
I tell you now these people give me the shits

I logged on last week to do some internet shopping
Because I heard that on the net prices were dropping
Seemed like the logical place to bargain hunt
But I’m telling you now it’s just a stunt

Ebay has got to be the worst of them all
It sure as hell aint like a shop at the mall
It’s a site that seems to have no controls
And all the sellers are just big arseholes

I’ll tell you why I think they are all just blighter
Because I went hunting for cigarette lighters
The results came in columns and batches
And all I got was twelve thousand matches.


  1. I really don’t like eBay either, not trust worthy sellers at all.

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