“I got your email. I didn’t respond, but I got it.” Tracey said not long after Danny walked in the door at home.

Of course he knew she’d gotten the message, the electronic postman didn’t often get his deliveries wrong even if he regularly delivered untold amounts of shit with the right mail items, but he chose not to make a deal about it.

If Danny had been forced to be totally honest he’d have to admit for the most part of the day he’d forgotten about the email, because it stopped being important to him somewhere between hitting send and reaching the door of his office several seconds later. He was reminded of it not long before he left work when he returned to his office for a coffee and to turn his computer off before heading home. But even then it was only a brief thought as he saw it sitting in his inbox, hovered the mouse over it long enough to hit delete and dump it in the trash.

Compared to other days, especially days like the previous interview cycle after race one, Danny had a relatively good day of interviews. His second interviewer had turned up late and made them all wait for about twenty five minutes but that was about the worst of it for the whole day.

In one interview for an international racing magazine that followed the racing series and ran regular articles which mainly focused on the breaking news, the accidents and the rivalries Danny was asked how he felt about Fittzy’s penalty. It was of course a question Danny and his team expected and he answered it as diplomatically as he could.

When the interviewer, a guy named Trent Morrle, tried to make the point that he was headed straight from Danny’s interview to interview Fittzy and it would be good for their international readers to see something controversial, Danny refused. When Trent tried to push a different button and get Danny to comment on the actual incident Lisa stepped in from the side lines and told Trent that the team had an official statement regarding the incident and the penalty and that if anything other than that was printed the magazine would not get any further interviews from Force Ten Racing. At first Trent thought Lisa was kidding and tried to ignore her and only speak to Danny but when Lisa handed him a letter drafted by the legal department, Trent stopped.

Once again Danny had been rescued from a situation he could easily have let get out of his control. It wasn’t something he’d see exactly the same way Lisa or Dave would but he was at least a little bit thankful for Lisa’s interruption because it changed Trent’s line of questioning.

The second interview Danny had was a television interview with the racing program that was pretty much a video editorial done by the same team that did the commentary on the live TV telecast each race weekend. They of course wanted the low down on the racing incident and news on his relationship with Fittzy, of which they only got the same press release type information any other news outlet was getting. There was also several probes into Danny’s private life which were unsuccessful and prompted Lisa back into action with her written document from the legal department but both Lisa and Danny knew that those two problems weren’t the biggest problems with the TV crew.

The biggest problem with the TV crew was that they were renowned for cutting and pasting different parts of interviews together and making it appear as if their subject was saying something completely different to what was recorded. The reason they were able to get away with such tactics where the webzines and news print magazines couldn’t was because the television station put massive amounts of money into the sport for telecast rights and without that money the sport was in risk of dying or fading into obscurity, therefore interviews were contracted, not done by choice. It had become such an issue that many of the teams had taken to pre-authorising all questions before the interviews. But even that was not foolproof when the station used pre-recorded interviews and were able to cut to racing footage with a voice over conversation where the viewer couldn’t see the cut and pasting of interview snippets up to five years old into new interview.

The one saving grace was that the true fans knew the shitty antics of the TV station and believed what they saw on the screen less and less but it didn’t stop the reporters doing it. The saving grace for Danny was that while he knew his words could, and more than likely would, be misused, the interviews were conducted without much stress, providing he didn’t think about how the interview could end up.

“How was you day?” Tracey asked.

“Was OK.” Danny replied not really interested in giving Tracey a full run down of his day. “Spent most of the day in the interview room.”

“Oh anything interesting happen? Anything good to look out for?”

“Na, just the usual. Fuck knows how the interview with channel seven will end up but there is no point worrying about that.” Danny didn’t often swear in front of Tracey when he was in a good mood but talk of the TV reporters could easily do it to him.

Tracey knew about the TV interviews and just like Danny chose not to mention anything about the email or its contents Tracey chose not to push for more information about the interview. Instead she chose to show that she was there for him if he wanted it.

“Okay babe, well if you want to talk about anything I’m hear to listen.” Then without giving Danny a chance to respond she added. “Would you like a beer or something before dinner. It’s still a little while off but there is cold beer in the fridge.”

Danny declined politely and told Tracey he was going to have a shower before sitting down to relax.

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