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Chequered Flag: Checking Email

Even in the good days of their marriage Tracey didn’t email Danny often at work and if she did it was only normal husband type things like a request for picking up something on the way home from work, or letting him know of a scheduling change of some sort. He also knew that those few emails she did send had really only started because he cracked the shits with Tracey one day when she rang him to tell him that she was headed to her mothers and may not have been home for dinner.

It had nothing to do with Danny not able to take personal calls at work, which was the excuse he gave her, because other than in the race car there was very few times during his working day that he couldn’t take five minutes to receive a call. Even at those times where taking calls wasn’t viable messages could be left or Tracey would get the message to call back at a later time.

No, it had nothing to do with any that, it all happened because one day Danny was grumpy and lashed out at the one person he was game to lash out at. He couldn’t lash out at his team and co-workers, he couldn’t lash out at the reception desk who put the calls through and he couldn’t lash out at the inanimate object that was his mobile phone which he seemed to carry everywhere even thought he hated it. So instead of lashing out at work he stewed on it for half the day, went to the pub after work and stewed on it a little more then when he finally got home at nearly 8pm he stewed on it some more because Tracey wasn’t home. When Tracey finally did get home an argument ensued, with Danny yelling most of the words but it was the angry words that finished the argument which resonated the heaviest with both partners. “If you have to get hold of me at work do it by fucking email, not the phone”.

Danny’s immediate thought when he spoke those words more than twelve months prior had been that he could ignore email more than he could ignore the phone but sitting there looking at the new email on his screen he knew that wasn’t the case, it had never been the case. Because the majority of the emails Tracey had sent were little more than requests he’d usually responded with simple one and two word answers as soon as he saw them sitting in his in box. Even the ones that he responded to with both kind and angry words he didn’t dwell over much longer. But the one thing he did know was that he never ignored opening one for longer than a few seconds once he saw that name and address on his screen. In fact the time he’d sat there staring at the current email was longer than he could ever remember leaving one unopened before.

Dear Danny,

Thank you for yesterday afternoon and thank you even more for last night.
You made it a delightful day by being so outgoing.
I really enjoyed seeing the change in you.
I hope we can continue to change together.
My next appointment with Francis is on Thursday at 2pm.
If you could come with me that would be great.

Love as always

Danny read the email three times before he stopped long enough to think about it’s contents. Even then his first thought was “at least she didn’t get too personal with the details.” He knew Brad and the rest of the IT department didn’t read emails but he also knew that nothing every got deleted from the servers, Brad had told him it was part of some legal requirement. Sure the first line of the email could have been taken as suggestive but it didn’t reveal anything and Danny seemed some what happy with that.

He read the email again, this time when he got to the end he found himself checking the annoying online calendar that Lisa made him use to see if he had anything scheduled for 2pm on Thursday afternoon. He didn’t, but that didn’t make him immediately sure that he wanted to accept the invite. It also didn’t make him want to immediately reply to the email.

The fifth time he read the email he decided he needed to stop reading it. Reading it would not change the contents or make the email disappear but reading it again and again was making him annoyed. He wasn’t annoyed at the words, he wasn’t annoyed at the fact Tracey had sent the email, he seemed to just be angry at the fact the email was there and he was reading it time and time again.

When the phone on his desk rang breaking the silence, and Danny from his trance like state, the fright was so great that he reacted in both anger and surprise. He looked at the ringing phone and swung his right arm towards it knocking it off the table. The phone swung towards the wall until it ran out of cable, then swung back and slammed into the side of his desk.

“Fuck!” Danny growled.

Seconds later there was a knock at his closed office door. The person knocking didn’t wait for his response they just opened the door and poked their face through the crack.

“Twenty minutes until your first interview Danny.” It was Lisa coming to make sure he was on time, although she couldn’t see the phone hanging from it’s cable she must have heard the crash because she immediately added. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” Danny said masking the anger he’d only seconds ago displayed to the phone. “I’ll be there soon.”

Lisa took the hint and closed Danny’s door without speaking.

Danny spent the next ten minutes picking up his phone and returning Dave’s call which had been immediately disconnected when the phone went flying. Dave’s call was little more than a check up, due to Lisa also telling him about Danny’s interview, Danny wasn’t annoyed by her insistence but that didn’t mean he agreed with it.

Looking at the screen as he got up from his chair to leave the office Danny saw Tracey’s email once again.

“Fucking hell!” He said as he leant over the keyboard, used the mouse to hit reply, then when the new window opened he typed. “We’ll talk about it when I get home!” He then hit send and left the office.

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