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Beer Nuts

bad poetry

Little Johnny sat at the back of the class
If he wrote this poem the next word would be arse
But he was too busy working on a new trick
For he was about to be, a real clever dick

“Tell us a fact that you know to be true.”
Miss Jones did ask, the kids of grade two.
She didn’t need to look and she let out a sigh
She knew without doubt, Johnny’s hand would be high

“Miss Jones please pick me, I know a good fact.”
Said Johnny excitedly, but still showing tact
Miss Jones was reluctant but there was no other hands
All the other kids seemed to know, of Johnny’s plans

“Ok Little Johnny, I hope you wont be abstract.”
Miss Jones replied hoping she wouldn’t be sacked.
See Johnny was known have a twisted little wit
In fact Little Johnny could be a right little shit

“Do you know the difference between deer nuts
and beer nuts?” Johnny asked holding his own guts
No one did answer, no one had a real clue
Waiting in silence for what would ensue

Little Johnny sat back and looked really smug
He fed off the silence it was definitely his drug
“Beer nuts are cheap.” Johnny said with a shuck
“But you can always get deer nuts under a buck!”


  1. Giggle …. This was funny.
    My sense of humor, I suppose…. : )

    • You thought it was funny? What????
      It was suppose to be a serious piece of prose. A small piece of consumer advice for those who want to save money.
      *Back to the drawing board*

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