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The Pirate Captain: No Grave But The Sea

“My fellow pirates we have a quest.” The Good Captain called from the deck of the Privateer. “A course has been set, power in numbers shall be the weapon of war that will see our enemy pay.”

There was a roar from the five hundred strong crew that stood on the jetty next to the moored ships of the Good Captain. Although they knew only three hundred of their number would be headed to sea for the current journey the excitement level was high. They were pirates, they lived for the sea, lived for the battle and lived to take down any foe that got in their way. If death was their only future they knew they would be headed to Magnetic North having lead full and worthy piratical life.

“We have beaten foe, we have beaten beast, we have made the mighty Leviathan pay with her ichor. The world has not seen a more fearsome pirate crew since the Golden Age of Piracy and if we do things right they will not see another like us!” The Good Captain called loudly.

The Good Captain knew exactly how to get the attention of his crowd and keep it, and that’s exactly what he was doing. He didn’t need to stand them all before him and tell them of their journey and what it would entail, our how risky it was. All he needed to do to get his crew cheering and screaming for more was to remind them how good they had already been!

“Our mission could be one of murder, of blood, of mutilation and gore but you are a fearless crew of pirates that will never retreat and never surrender to a foreign foe. Death can be your freedom, but so can fighting for your life. But if defeat is what you crave then you have no place aboard these ships, we are agents of slaughter offering those who get in our way a swift path to the grave.”

Again the hooting and cheering from the jetty was loud. Pistols and other short arms were fired into the air and swords clanged together above the heads of men ready to set sail and ready to follow their Pirate Captain into battle.

As the Privateer and the Revenge, under the captaincy of Captain Bildgepoole as usual, sailed out of the heads of their protected bay the water became rougher and the wind picked up from the East. It wasn’t a strong breeze but it would be enough to help their journey, as would the tides which the crews would follow for multiple days before reaching their destination.

Even as they sailed into the deep blue ocean leaving land behind them the crew knew nothing of the journey, they didn’t need to, they were happy to sail and fight under the ensign of the Good Captain. They trusted their captain to tell them what was expected of them when it was needed and not a second before. It was a time honoured tradition amongst the Good Captain’s crew and until the full task needed to be known by all each duty aboard the ship, from the sailing, to the maintenance, to the cleaning, to the arming of canons were all more important than the end goal.

Aboard both ships the crews were of good cheer as they carried on with their duties. No orders needed to be given, each man knew his job, and no man slacked off while there was work to be done.

As the Good Captain stood on the Navigational deck he scanned his crew and his ship. Since leaving port several waves had crashed heavily over the side of the ship, rouge waves they were, brought up by a random squall of wind fighting against the Easterly breeze that had remained constant since they cleared the heads. Despite the waves drenching the top deck, to the naked eye the floating scum and froth of the breaking wave could barely be seen because wherever the Good Captain looked he could see men busying themselves with their allotted tasks.

From just below him, no doubt on the secondary deck that lead to the sleeping quarters and down to the main deck, the Good Captain could even hear one of his crew, it sounded like Scowling Drivelswig, singing the words to a song with no music. In fact the Good Captain wasn’t even sure the words rhymed well enough to be a song, but they did bring a smile to his face as he heard them.

“We be breakin’ th’ bowline
Wit’ our formidable rage
‘n rankin’ thar broadside wit’ unrelentin’ fire

Ye be sailin’ away, set sailin’ into th’ blue horizon
Ridin’ th’ waves, that ye reckon shall guide yer destiny
Ye be sailin’ away but today we fight
We fight ‘n thar will be no quarter fer those wit’ no grave
No grave but th’ sea”

Despite having no tune in his head the Good Captain instantly found the words of Scowling Drivelswig to be so catchy he started mouthing them himself.

“What’s that me dear?” The Fair Maiden said from his left hand side when she heard the low sounds The Good Captain didn’t realise he was making.

“Umm.” The Good Captain responded. “It’s..umm…did ye nah hear it?” He asked but as his own voiced hushed he realised that Scowling Drivelswig’s voice was no longer there.

“No me dear I hears nuthin’” The Fair Maiden replied still working on her pirate accent which seemed to come and go depending on what she was saying.

Without hesitation the Good Captain repeated the words he’d heard Scowling Drivelswig sing to his Fair Maiden. When he was finished they both shared a hearty laugh.

“I must find young Scowlin’ ‘n ask ‘im where in blazes he heard them words ‘n if thar be any more o’ them!” The Good Pirate said as they stopped laughing.

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