At work Danny spent the first hour thinking about nothing but his race car and the new front end system that had arrived for the test car. He knew that all teams would be receiving the same front end within weeks because of the rules governing the standardisation of particular parts in all cars on the track, but that didn’t mean that as one of two official test teams they couldn’t get some good runs on the board before the other teams got a chance.

The front end would only go in the test car and that would only be computer stimulated for race conditions, but it was still valuable data that they would get before the majority of the teams would. The simulator was often harder on parts because of it’s ability to repeat the same tasks thousands of times a minute, but it was still no match for real race conditions and Danny longed for the day he could put the new gear to work on the track. However he knew that like his marriage the front end was not going to be fixed immediately, it was going to take time.

“Dammit!” Danny thought as his brain made the connection between the front end and his marriage. For nearly an hour he’d managed to forget about his home life then with one swift flash of the blade moment the thought rocked back into his mind.

“This is great news.” Danny said to Rick as the team that Rick had been allocated for testing were un-boxing all the new pieces and get ready to dismantle the simulator. “But I’ve got things to do before all the bloody interviews arrive.”

“No worries mate. Hope they go well.” Rick said. “If you’re looking for me all day we wont be far from here.” Then just as Danny began to step away he heard Rick add. “Oh and sorry mate.”

Danny turned back in surprise at the words. “Sorry for what?”

Rick shrugged his shoulders. “Seems you’ve got something weighing on your mind. I’m sorry if you wanted to talk about it and I was too busy to listen. We can catch up later if you like.”

Danny laughed a laugh that he hoped would convince Rick that things were ok and said. “Mate, don’t be silly. I’m fine. We’ve all got our jobs to do. I’m as excited as you are to get this front end running. I’m probably just a little off kilter because of these bloody interviews. You know how much I hate them, especially when something silly happens over the weekend and they have to focus on it.”

“Yeah I know,” Rick replied but he was unconvinced that was all it was and he stepped up closer to Danny and in quieter voice asked. “So the therapy yesterday went ok?”

Danny had no need to hide things from Rick so he didn’t. “It was ok. Better than any session with the team psyche. When we left we were still talking.” Then Danny’s mind told him it was time to stop the conversation while things were slightly positive, he had no need to hide things from Rick but he also didn’t have to give him the full run down in the middle of the workshop. “But you best get back to work before Dave comes and tells you you’re dragging the chain!”

With that the conversation between the two friends ended and Rick headed off to his job while Danny headed off to his office.

In his office with the door shut Danny knew he had at least an hour to kill before his first interview was scheduled and he hoped to spend that time alone. He doubted it would happen but he still hoped. Sitting down at his desk he switched his computer on and waited for it to boot.

As seemed to happen every time he turned his computer on an alert popped up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. He’d reported the intrusion to Brad in the IT department a few times and had it removed but Lisa eventually went to Dave and made a report that Danny and Brad were not taking her or her job seriously by deleting the calendar program that she used to organise Danny’s interviews on.

Danny ignored the calendar alert, if Lisa really wanted to get hold of him she could wait until he was ready, and went on to check his email. As usual there was a collection of spam emails all offering him varying things from the number one spot in Google, to the best pharmaceutical drugs at the cheapest price, to penis enlargements and as usual all the emails came from the same server, different addresses but the same server. Danny had long ago learnt not to respond to such emails, even responding in jest, or to annoy the sender, only told the shit streak at the other end that the email account they’d sent to was active and that in turn was a green light for them to send even more crap.

Once all the spam was deleted Danny looked at what was left. The twelve emails from Lisa telling him exactly what the alerts at the bottom of the screen would have told him had he not ignored them immediately got deleted. After that all that was left was three updates from the racing governing body, an email from Dave which he knew the contents of without opening and one from an account name he immediately recognised as the account set up at home which although he and Tracey shared he rarely used.

Danny looked at the email address, then at the title of the email, he then pulled his hands away from the mouse and flopped back in his chair.

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