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Karaoke Night

It was Friday night and I needed a release
A working week and the shit didn’t cease
Seventy eight hours behind the wheel
It was release the wolf or I would kill

Off to a bar that was way too smoky
But there is no release like Karaoke
Don’t be embarrassed just sing up a storm
Naysayers can leave or they’ll conform

But sadly my enjoyment was not to be
And my Karaoke night was not carefree
Because the big guy with all the clout
He up and bloody kicked me out

I tried to say it was all a misunderstanding
And that kicking me out was not very upstanding
As they walked me out I heard them cry and bleat
They kept claiming that I was stuck on repeat

But honestly I knew I was getting better
No doubt I was, the singing pacesetter
With every attempt as a performer I had grown
Only six goes I had at singing “Danger Zone”

It was a classic song that I so much respected
But the crowd did speak and I was rejected
The rule was made and there was no exempts
I was kicked out for too many “Loggin’s attempts”


  1. Sorry about that. Nice post.

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