I know I rag Matthew a little bit, well a lot of bits really! Is that even a thing? Anyway I know I stir him up a bit, the conversation about his crush on the lead singer of Aussie pub rock band Baby Animals was proof of that but lets face it he deserves it. Also it’s not like he doesn’t give as good as he gets…when I give him the chance.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, that’s right.

I know I rag Matthew a bit but in case it’s not immediately obvious I really do love and respect the big lug. Not just because he is my brother and I’m kind of bound by the brother and sister relationship agreement but also because no matter how much fun and ragging we have between us the guy is still prepared to get his arse wet to help me out.

What am I talking about?

I shall explain.

Whilst Matthew and I were having our sweet little reminiscing session about his former crush we were actually headed to a rescue. From the call that came in I didn’t expect it to be a dangerous rescue, or even that difficult, in fact I didn’t even expect to need help. However when we arrived on scene I realised that there was a lack of full disclosure on behalf of those who rang me for help.

It wasn’t that they lied about their location according to the GPS they were in the exact co-ordinates that they gave me over the phone. However as you probably know GPS units are not exact and they can be up to about fifty metres out, especially in the outback where sometimes they wont even work. So while the information Coby and Lars gave me over the phone was technically correct they didn’t allow for the error in the GPS information.

To be fair they probably didn’t know they were giving me incorrect data, they simply gave me the co-ordinates their GPS told them to and it’s not like we had trouble finding them so that wasn’t the issue. No the issue started when I asked, while they were on the phone, if they were stuck in the bog hole which was about fifty metres from their GPS co-ordinates and they adamantly said no. It’s the same bog hole that is clearly marked by no less than seven signs warning against using that section of the river to cross. The issue reached its peak when we arrived and I found out the buggers had lied to me.

Don’t get me wrong lie or not I would still have rescued them, but honesty is always the best policy when dealing with some one who can potentially charge whatever they want to for the job you desperately need done.

The problem with the bog hole, and the reason for all the warning signs, is that it looks like the perfect place to cross the river. There is a wide approach from either side of the river, it looks calm and slow flowing and there is nothing in the area that looks threatening. However what can’t be seen, unless a person gets out of their vehicle and actually inspects the water’s edge and beyond on foot is the massive section of soft sandy mud that makes the slow moving, metre high water course quickly become a metre of water and half a metre of boggy crap that not even the Beast could pull herself out of. The lack of trees also made it neigh on impossible for a vehicle to winch itself to safety as well.

Had Coby and Lars actually looked around and read the signs they were suppose to they would have known that the designated water crossing, the one that could be safely negotiated in pretty much any four wheel drive, was not only clearly marked but about fifty metres east of where they were bogged.

Like I said I wouldn’t have ignored anyone who needed help even if the two of them had been up front and told me exactly where they were, but finding out such information when we arrived on scene did make me wonder if I could trust them.

As it turned out I could trust them, they were just two travellers from San Francisco who knew they had done the wrong thing and thought that the ‘woman’ who answered the phone was some kind of secretary and they’d be able to make up the story that they told her the truth and she got it mixed up telling the rescue man. Sure there was still some efforts of deception present with the two of them but they were relatively nice guys and admitted their mistakes pretty quickly when they knew the game was up.

I suppose the decent wad of gold nuggets that Lars produced not long after we had our little discussion about lying and making up stories helped me trust them a little more.

Oh sorry I didn’t actually mean gold nuggets, that would be silly. What I meant was fifty dollar notes, in Australia our fifties are a yellow polymer, they have many different nicknames in different parts of the country but I was happy to call them gold nuggets when they were presented to me in advance and in abundance for a rescue that hadn’t happened.

I guess by now you are wondering what exactly I was talking about not long back when I made mention of Matthew willing to get his arse wet just to help me out. Well since you are wondering he was actually getting wet and running the tow cable from the winch to the Nissan Patrol that Lars and Coby had managed to bog in the river.

He was making an effort to save me having to do it…aahhh what a good brother!

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