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The Parcel: Was It There part 2

So there we were in the past, by two weeks, and at Téa house. I was hoping present Téa, well present for the past time that we were in which wasn’t actually present time, wouldn’t come home and catch us.

Téa was adamant that we were going to be fine because she remembered her steps that day and all I could do was agree. Actually I guess the fact that she kept telling me that we weren’t going to run into past Téa was fair enough because surely the real present Téa would remember running into her self two weeks earlier. Also the fact we hadn’t experienced a “Back To The Future” moment or paradox in the time line I guess maybe I should have had more faith in what Téa was saying.

Am I confused yet?

Have I confused you yet?

Well just keep reading it gets better.

On Téa’s back porch she used a spray can she knew was in the box at the door and sprayed a line on the underside of the box lid. Her reasoning was that if the line was still there in the real present then it proved we could do things in the past that lasted to the present.

Solid theory I thought, so I asked her if the line was there. After all I was talking to the real Téa, the Téa from the real present that I lived in, you know the one where I had Chinese for dinner. She of course questioned it until I explained that the present Téa would have known she put the line there because she lived through the past two weeks and since I was talking from the future she would be able to confirm everything.

Makes sense right?

So what did she say?

The End.


  1. The end, end? Goodness.

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