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Dad Did Done It Again

bad poetry

Good ole Dad he went and did it again
Dinner with the Deacon and a fart of the brain
He couldn’t help himself it was out with the jokes
Honestly you’d think he was at the pub with the blokes

This time the joke was even worse than the last
I’m sure if he could the Deacon would have run away fast
The last joke was a bit risky but it was a bit of a doozy
While we might have laughed it left the priest woozy

But the joke he told the priest, was really nothing
Because I don’t think the Deacon knew he was bluffing
Although I got to wondering if he is a freelancer
Because he didn’t give Dad, a proper answer

I guess it was Dad’s fault because over the dinner session
Instead of a joke he made it sound like an honest question
The Deacon was shocked, he almost fell off his chair
He knew not what to say, I think he even lost some of his hair

“If I was addicted to masturbation then I suddenly learnt to flex
And I went from having a little fiddle to being addicted to sex.”
Dad asked with a smile but it was not a demand.
“Would it be safe to say that my addiction got out of hand?”


  1. Oh dear. Poor Deacon!

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