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Dad Does It Again

He is hard to label
But he likes to amuse folks
So at the dinner table
Dad always told silly jokes.

Sometimes they were corny
Sometimes they were bad
Sometimes they were thorny
But he’s just our Dad

I never forget last Friday night
He told a joke to our local priest
As you can guess the guy was in fright
The beat in his chest did seem to cease

He waited till the moment
When there was nothing but silence
Then offered his bestowment
And the priest needed guidance

He hushed the whole building
And we listened to Mum’s spouse
“What do you call children
Born in a whorehouse?”

I saw the priest shirk
We all had our doubts
Then Dad said with a smirk
They’re called Brothel Sprouts


  1. Sounds like an interesting character
    Inside and out 🙂

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