“How long does it take to make two bloody coffees?” I asked quietly with my head next to Téa’s hoping not to be heard by those around us.

“Well I did say this wasn’t a very good cafe, maybe they are still learning how to make coffee.” she replied.

“Seems like they are still growing the coffee beans!” I shuffled nervously and looked out the glass windows at the front of the cafe hoping I wasn’t going to see present Téa, well Téa present to the time we were in which was two weeks last Tuesday, come walking in for her coffee.

Téa was fairly adamant of her time frame and that when the events around us were taking place she spent a good hour in the record store across the street and down a bit, but I was still nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous? We had the potential for Téa to run into a previous version of herself and create a Back To The Future time paradox.

“Hey we can’t all live in the latte sipping capital of the world. The land where man buns, unshaven women and children of the new millennium congregate around the milk frother and admire the steam rising. A land where new age people sip fancy named drinks they pay a stupid price for and contemplate someone else’s navel while thinking about how much the world owes them.”

“Hey, that’s unfair, we aren’t the coffee capital of the world.”

“Yeah but you didn’t deny the rest.” Téa replied with a smile.

“Well there is no point denying the truth.” I said still shuffling my feet and nervously checking out the door. “You just wait until I grow my man bun and start wearing Lycra everywhere.”

“You look goofy enough, don’t try to fit in with a crowd you have no hope of joining!” Téa said with a smile.

It was at that moment something else occurred to me. “Hey what’s going to happen if these chuckleheads ever get around to making our order, we leave without actually seeing present you, then present you come is asking for coffee?” She looked at me without saying anything so I continued. “What’s going to happen when they recognise you, firstly getting two coffees then so soon after getting another one?

“And cake!” She said before adding, “I got cake as well last time.” Like that one piece of missing information was the most important piece and I had forgotten to mention it.

“Yes and Cake.” I was still nervously looking between the door and the coffee makers who didn’t seem to be moving any faster despite the queue behind us getting longer.

“I told you we’ve got heaps of time, just trust me. These idiots are slow but I remember what I did and how long I did it for.”

“But they will still recognise you.”

“Are you kidding? How often does your man bun coffee maker recognise you? How often does he actually take any notice of your face.”

She had a point, I might have three or four coffee shops I went to but I only bought two or three coffees a week and not one of the milk frothers, I refuse to call them that fancy name made up to make them feel better, would recognise me despite they fact that they claim to ‘know’ their customers. What they know is like minded people with man buns and wispy beards, women with pink hair and floral dresses that don’t fit and younger people with a “world owes me because I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth” attitude.

“Ok you have a point, I guess.” I was still nervously looking around, I must have looked like a criminal on the run, or maybe worse a guy out with his mistress hoping not to get caught.

“Yes I do, so relax. Besides I doubt these idiots here would recognise if a bomb went off under their feet let alone what two first time customers look like.”

I laughed quietly, it eased my nerves a little bit but I was still looking at the door.

Three minutes and twenty seconds later, yes I was also looking at the clock, we walked out of the coffee shop and onto the footpath, or pavement, or whatever it was that American’s called it, each carrying a little cardboard cup of coffee with a lid on it.

“See I told you we’d make it.” Téa said. I chose not to respond. “Come on lets get out of here.”

That was my exact thought, however what wasn’t my thought was to head in the same direction as the record shop which is exactly what Téa was doing.

“Why are you going this way?” I asked as I stepped quickly to catch up to her. “The record shop is just over there.”

“Yes, I know that. You do remember that this is my home town don’t you?”

Of course I remembered it was her town, I also knew she was just being cocky with her comments because she was right and I was being paranoid. To think that Téa didn’t know how long she spent in the record shop, a place she didn’t go often and therefore was probably still in her memory did seem a little silly of me. But I also didn’t want to risk a Back To The Future moment and therefore my paranoia was real…honestly it was.

“Yes dear,” I said as I fell into step beside her. “I do remember that. So since this is your town and we are apparently going to avoid yourself from the past were are we actually going?”

“I thought that was obvious.” she said without thinking about an answer.

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