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A New Job

bad poetry

Without a job but very smart
A new business I decided to start
Make a product people want
At the markets I would vaunt

Pick your market, pick your buyer
No problems making sale price higher
I thought long, I thought plenty
I had an idea worth a pretty penny

Getting the patent was no mean feat
Had to draw the plans on loose leaf sheet
Patent man said he’d seen nothing like it
Signed it off and told me to split

I got the goods, I got the material
Knew I was creating something imperial
I set to work and made the designs
And found myself making land mines

Not just any design, mine were unique
Fashionable, stylish and oh so chic
I made them look like no one had before
They could be hidden on the floor

My land mines became choice in combats
And I was able to hide them in prayer mats
Business is great and here’s the proof
Prophets are going through the roof


  1. Are you watching he rugby? Australia is playing strong! : )

  2. I love this, I hope to create my land mine someday too

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