The wine the girl from the bottle shop had chosen was “fine” as Tracey had suggested it would be. Given that neither of them were wine connoisseurs and weren’t the sort to slosh the liquid around in their mouth before spitting it out and proclaiming how good it was the fact that it was drinkable felt to them like it was the right choice.

Over the course of making and eating dinner the two of them spoke openly and easily. The conversation started out with Tracey asking about Danny’s day and for the first time in a long time Danny did fell comfortable telling her about things like the debrief, some of the conversations he’d had and the interview he’d done. When Tracey asked for more information about several things he’d mentioned, including how Rick was getting on, Danny had no hesitations in answering.

He didn’t realise it at the time but it was one of the only times he’d actually told Tracey how an interview was conducted. Not just who it was with and whether it was a good interview or not, but he actually talked about some of the questions asked and how he felt about those questions and how he answered them.

As Tracey listened to Danny talk about his interview, the words occasionally drained out by the sound of meat sizzling in the pan he was attending too, she couldn’t help but wonder if maybe his openness about work had anything to do with the way he’d opened up during their therapy session. It was good to hear him talk as freely as he was on any topic and she tried not to interrupt with too many questions that might derail his talking.

Over dinner Tracey spoke about her day, she hadn’t done much other than a few house duties and the therapy session but to Danny’s credit he listened to her with the same interest as she had listened to him.

“Would you like me to open the second bottle of wine?” Danny asked as he picked up the empty plates from the table and took them over to the sink.

“Please yourself. If you’d rather a beer that’s fine.”

Danny did feel like a beer rather than wine. “What will you have if I have a beer?”

“I might just have coffee.” Tracey replied. At which point Danny also changed his mind.

“Actually that’s not a bad idea. I’ll put the kettle on and do the dishes, then make coffee instead.”

“Don’t worry about the dishes babe. I’ll do them in them morning!” Tracey responded. The pan had already been rinsed and the dishes were not overly dirty that leaving them would be an issue.

Danny still wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about her use of the word babe. He wasn’t upset about it and he wasn’t ready to reciprocate with such words but hearing it did seem to make him go silent.

Once the kettle had boiled and the coffee was made Danny and Tracey headed to the lounge room. After a quick flick through the guide the two of them came to the conclusion that there was nothing much on free to air TV, which theses days seemed to be just a heartbeat for crappy reality TV shows and crappy re-runs of American dramas.

Through his sponsors Danny got a free subscription to Pay TV but even that wasn’t worth the money he didn’t pay for it because of all the re-run programs and the number of ads that had crept into the broadcast. Sometimes on the sports channels he could find some decent motor racing but generally the lack of interesting viewing made him wonder why people even bothered to pay for such a service. Danny had, several months ago, tried Netflix in an attempt to get something decent on his TV but he’d given that idea up in disgust after realising his new whizz bang internet service the government claimed would be world class couldn’t even stream a movie without freezing every few minutes.

In the end Danny and Tracey decided on a documentary that was airing one of the community access channels. It was about a group of teenagers from a drug addled suburb where employment was nearly non-existent and youth crime high who had defied the odds and created a musical outlet for kids of the area. It was an interesting look at how a small group of kids was able to take music and use it as a barrier breaker to give other kids in the area something to occupy their time other than crime.

When it came time for bed, just before midnight, they both headed off together. Danny let Tracey use the bathroom first and when he came out from brushing his teeth Tracey was laying under the sheet, the TV in the bedroom was on providing light to the room and the volume was low. There was an ad on the screen so Danny couldn’t immediately tell what Tracey was watching but he had no interest in the TV anyway.

“Good night.” he said as he climbed into the bed and under the sheet.

“Good night darling.” Tracey said quietly, then rolled over kissed him on the cheek.

Danny felt the movement under the sheet but he didn’t stop it, or react, and when Tracey’s lips touched his cheek he also felt her left hand touch his crotch. Danny’s lack of reaction obviously encouraged Tracey and within seconds her hand was down the front of his briefs and stroking him.

Ten minutes later Tracey was in the bathroom and Danny was laying in bed, spent and staring through the moving pictures on the TV screen. What had happened definitely had not been in his thoughts when he climbed into bed, even in the initial stages he found himself wondering if it was what he wanted. However his thoughts had changed at some point and while he didn’t think he enjoyed himself as much as Tracey had, he wasn’t upset with what had happened.

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