Was I ready to call a truce?

Was I willing to give Matthew the upper hand? And lets face it if I was the one to call the truce he would try to spin it as him winning and me conceding defeat.

So there was definitely more to the question of calling a truce than met the eye. Of course there was the fact that I had run out of water and had nothing to attack him with, but he had also lost his sponge and was nowhere near the bucket if he had plans for that particular weapon of mass demertion. (yes that’s a real world I looked it up and although it’s an archaic word, I’m sure you old people can explain it to the youngens)

Given that we still had a job to do before it was time to have something to eat and relax for the evening I decided that calling a truce wasn’t entirely a bad thing. I was fairly confident that Matthew would try to claim a win but he was in my town, amongst my friends, even if they did believe him it would not be for long because they all love me!

But I also had one other ace up my sleeve and that ace was that Matthew started the fight and I was the bigger person who stopped it from getting out of hand. So really I had the upper hand over Matthew no matter which way he decided to play the game and offering the truce was not a bad idea.

“Ok brother dearest,” I said to him. “I’ll be willing to call a truce on one condition.”

Alright I said I’d be the bigger person and call the truce but I didn’t say I would do it easily, that would be silly.

“What condition?” Matthew said. The suspicion in his voice was from years of me luring him into a false sense of security and making him think he had the upper hand in a situation only to be brought down at the height of his elation

“I’ll call the truce and not repay you with the kindness you showed me with your soggy sponge.”

“Hey, I…” I could tell he was about to interrupt with something along the lines of my retaliation with the pressure washer so I didn’t let him continue.

“Hush now and listen to your sister.” Matthew laughed but shut up so I continued. “I’ll call the truce and let you get away with what you did if you cook me dinner.”

“Cook you dinner?” He asked.

“Is there a parrot around here?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“No, just a galah, and she’s standing right there.” He pointed to me as he said those words. How Rude!

I pointed the nozzle towards him and mimicked squirting him and the cheeky sod made comments about it not being turned on so I couldn’t get him.

“Well you better agree to my deal or I’ll turn it on myself.” I said to him.

After a few minutes of silence he reluctantly agreed to cook me dinner and I agreed not to attack him again with the pressure washer.

“Alright, lets get on with cleaning this old girl so we can head inside and have something to eat.” I said to Matthew.

In a sign of amazingly good faith Matthew turned the pressure cleaner on without even hesitating. I have to give him some credit for that because I really don’t think I’d have trusted him enough to not attack me with the pressure washer if the roles were reversed.

It is lucky that I am such a good sister because I repaid his faith in me by getting straight back to the job at hand. Matthew did the same returning to the front of the Beast and slopping soapy water all over the panels and giving her a good scrub.

Between the two of us we were very effective an within half an hour we had the Beast washed and shiny. I might well look after the old girl and keep her in tip top shape but I wasn’t anal enough to tyre black the wheels or polish the paintwork so once the last of the bubbly stuff had been washed off the old girl I was prepared to call it quits.

As I coiled up the pressure washer hose and turned off both the water and power feed to it Matthew stepped away from the area. The weather gods must have aligned with the signal gods somewhere above us because when Matthew’s mobile phone rang he was actually able to receive the call. I thought about warning him that a step either way could see him lose whatever signal he had but I was sure he’d figure that out himself when it happened so instead I continued to pack up the gear we used.

A few minutes later I had all but the bucket of water cleaned up and I was about to empty that down the drain into the pipes to the rear tanks when Matthew walked back towards the shed with his gums flapping.

“That was the Loony Bin, they said your time on the outside is up and I need to bring you back!”

Honestly you would think the guy was incapable of learning some times and I proceeded to tell him that. “Have you lost a large portion of your brain cells since you were last here?”

“What?” he was laughing as he stuck his phone in his back pocket. “C’mon sis it was just a joke, no need to take it seriously.”

“But it is serious, I’m sincerely worried about you.” I replied with a serious tone to my voice.


“Because you are all wet!” As soon as I finished those few words I tossed the bucket of water at him.

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