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The Parcel: Silliness Aside

“You’re a very funny little Crocodile wrestler aren’t you?” Téa said as she caught up to me.

I wasn’t walking that fast and I wasn’t actually trying to get away from her so the fact that she caught up to me was not really that surprising.

“About as funny as sending us somewhere we were supposed to be safe from a crazy old lady and putting us in a steel cage thirty feet off the ground so we couldn’t flee if we needed too.” I replied, it wasn’t a grumpy reply, like all of our banter it was done with a fair bit of tongue in cheek.

“Hey I told you why my locations weren’t exactly perfect!” She said defending herself. “But then I guess some things aren’t as funny as being petty and ignoring your best friend’s phone calls for more than twelve hours.”

“Yeah but no where near as funny as said best friend leaving me alone in 1983.” We’d reached the edge of the park and come upon a footpath, or maybe it was a pavement since we were in America. I had to admit I had no idea where I was, any thoughts about maybe finding a landmark I recognised from my previous trip in Téa’s home town were shot almost instantly.

“I explained to you what happened back then. I told you that it wasn’t safe to just remove you from the situation.”

She was right, she had explained it all to me and I had accepted it. Okay maybe I didn’t have a choice but to accept it, however I also couldn’t prove what she had told me as wrong. Just because I hadn’t seen the old lady didn’t mean she wasn’t there, she was able to mask her identity, what Téa said could have been entirely accurate.

Something else I was coming to realise, well in fact I kind of knew it all along, was that my treatment of Téa between jaunts when I ignored her calls was wrong and not the way to treat a good friend. Even if I did want to make a point, my behaviour was pretty darn petty for a good twelve hours. That’s not to defend Téa, she didn’t handle her side of things perfectly either, but two wrongs don’t make a right, even if thousands of Wongs made a Chinese phone book.

It was just as I decided to turn left, mostly because Téa was on my right, that all those thoughts suddenly flew into my head and slapped me across the forehead. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to my right. At exactly that moment I realised that Téa and I were friends for a reason.

We both had done silly things, we had both done unfriendly things to each other, the sort of things that might make someone viewing us from afar think the worst of us, but that wasn’t us, and deep down we both knew it. Not only that but we had also forgotten who we were.

Sure we still passed jokes and comments back and forth, fed off each others comments, but the spark had really been missing since I landed in 1983. Our jokes were lacklustre and didn’t have the same punch they used to and worse than that most of the laughs we did have were more forced laughter than seriously good gut busting laughs like we usually had.

Not that I needed confirmation of our friendship but I got it at that exact moment when I turned to Téa and I was about to apologise for being such a doofus because she was stopped, staring at me with the same silly look I no doubt had on my face. Together at the exactly the same time we both apologised. The words we used were different and our voices kind of drained each out but we were both apologetic and that was all that mattered.

From shared doofus looks and apologetic words we went straight into a hug. I can’t speak for Téa exactly but I’m pretty sure the two of us were on the same wave length. I guess that was the good thing about a solid friendship like Téa and I had, we didn’t need long drawn out apologies, just a few words and a hug and we were back to normal. Whatever that was.

“So what she we do now?” I asked Téa after our warm embrace.

“Well all silliness aside…”

“Hey we can’t have all silliness aside, I’m sure there is people out there who don’t understand us. I’m sure there is some that think the worst of us, but your silliness is what makes you you and makes me want to be around you.” I said without effort.

“Ok, well with some silliness aside.” Téa smiled as she spoke. “I think we should go and have a long chat about the dial and what our options are both now and in the future.”

“That sounds like a fairly logical thing to do, are you sure you are still your own silly self?” I grinned.

“Shurrup you.” Téa smiled again, it was good to have her back. “I was serious about not going home, so how about we got to a cafe or something?”

“That sound fine by me, where is a good cafe?” I asked.

“Oh it can’t be a good one.” I must have looked somewhat confused because she then added. “If it’s a good cafe there might already be a charming, good looking, young Texas girl who looks like me already there!”

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