So there we were standing on the ground in what I think was named Heights Park in Richardson, Texas, or it was Richardson Heights Park, Texas, or it was Park something…oh I don’t know what it is any more. All in know is that we were in Téa’s home town, which was named Richardson, that was in Texas, we were in a park and Téa deliberately put us there with the time travelling dial and her extensive knowledge of how it worked.

“So what do we do know?” I asked as we both stood in the playground, small gravely stones crunching under my sneakers.

“End the story and put the readers out of their misery?”

No that’s not what she said, I’m too much of a sadist to let her say something like that.

“We go back up there and go down the slide again. Honestly you didn’t even make it sound like you were enjoying yourself.” Téa said with a straight face.

Ok I knew she was joking but seriously we’d got down from the damn rocket because Madam Kafoopsy finally realised that being thirty or more feet off the ground and trapped in a steel cage, (i.e. the kids rocket) was not a good option. Not so much because as adults we probably looked a bit silly up there but because there was an old lady that some how managed to follow Téa, no matter what place in time we jumped too, just to get to me so she could steal the dial.

“You can go down the thing again but I’m a little more interested in doing whatever it was we came here to do.” I said, not grumpily but there was a little hint of “can we get this over with” in my voice.

“I thought we’d done what we came for?” Téa replied. I gave her a few seconds of silence to think of her next response, and to make sure I didn’t say something I shouldn’t. Whether she thought or not I’ll never know. “I told you about the old lady in 1983 and why I did what I did and I’ve proven I can pick and choose where we land after using the dial. What more did we come here for?”

Ok so that wasn’t quite what I meant and she knew it, well she should have, in case she didn’t I explained it. “We just climbed down from the rocket so that if the old lady arrived we weren’t cornered.” Téa nodded stupidly, I was dead sure she knew where this conversation was going but just wanted to play games. “So now we are on the ground what are we going to do? Should we make a move somewhere?”

“Why did you see the old lady?” Téa asked not just answering a question with a question but answering two questions with a question. What’s more it was a question she knew the damn answer too.

“I tell you now, if I saw her sneaking up behind you with a chainsaw I’m not entirely sure I’d warn you.”

“That’s ok,” Téa said, “I’d hear the chainsaw!”

It was at that moment I did something I’d only ever read people doing on the internet. I actually slapped my forehead with my open hand. I almost felt like saying “#facepalm” but I have no idea about all those hash tag things and what twits on the internet mean and I didn’t want to look silly by using them wrong.

“What’s the matter?” Téa asked with a straight face obviously still stuck in silly mode.

Instead of responding I figured I’d give her the ultimate response, one that told her I was over the carry on, I turned tail and walked away. I didn’t really have any idea where I was going but since we were in Téa’s home town, which I had visited before, well the town part not the kids play ground, I figured I’d find something I recognised eventually, after all it’s not like Texas is a very big place.

“Where are you going?” Téa called to me as she began to follow me.

Without much thinking I said, “Since I can’t get any straight answers from you I’m going to your place to make myself a stiff drink, or two. Damn, after five maybe you’ll start making sense.”

“A bit early for a drink isn’t it?” she asked as she stepped up beside me and slowed down to my pace.

“Huh?” I didn’t actually hear what she said.

“It’s only 10am in Australia. The sun isn’t even close to the yardarm let alone over it!”

She had a point, but it wasn’t a good one so I kept walking. I didn’t really want a drink, and as I said I wasn’t exactly sure where I was anyway, but that wasn’t going to stop me.

We walked in the opposite direction to the sports field in silence, then just as we got to the out perimeter of the park Téa spoke up again.

“We can’t go to my place.”

“Why not?” I expected some weird, possibly humorous reply, a reply I would not laugh at even if it was funny

“Haven’t you seen Back To The Future?”

“What?” I was surprised, but not laughing.

“When they time travel they have to avoid seeing themselves so as not to create some kind of paradoxy thing.”

Paradoxy thing was a little amusing but I ignored that. “That’s OK, I wasn’t here three weeks ago.”

“No, but I was!” Téa went silent for a few seconds as we walked down the footpath, I think she was waiting for me to say something in response to her theory, or Back To The Future’s theory, but I said nothing. “Something bad could happen to me!”

“I thought for two seconds then said. “Ahh a plan with no drawbacks. Cya at your place!”

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