The look on Téa’s face was one of amazement, it was like I’d asked her if she could donate a kidney, as well as a lung, liver and a lower intestine all at the same time.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t yet thought of that?” I asked.

It was my turn to be a little smug and cheeky. Téa had had her chance at being smug with the idea of surprising me with the location and ability to appear almost exactly where she wanted us too. She’d also had her chance to be cheeky with the whole old lady story which was really like drawing blood from a stone just to get the basics of.

Bringing to her attention that fact that we were several levels up in a steel rocket that was located in a kids play ground and that if the old lady, the same old lady who appeared everywhere we did when we time jumped, turned up we’d kind of be cornered and stuck with no way to escape was kind of important. I guess too that maybe I should have been a little more worried, maybe even brought it to her attention earlier since it appeared such and important thing had slipped her mind, but honestly dragging it out amused me.

“Well…” I could tell Téa was stalling as she looked for an answer. “…I guess maybe we…” she turned her head to the left and looked absently out without really thinking about what she was doing or thinking about what she was saying. She then turned back to me and said. “Took you long enough to pick up on the issue. I’ve been waiting for you saying something since we arrived here.”

“Oh so all this time we’ve been sitting here you’ve just been waiting for me to mention the old lady?” I asked in a some what sceptical tone.

“Yep. That’s right!” Téa replied somewhat more confident with her words than her previous sentence was.

“So despite the fact that we weren’t together when we first arrived you were waiting for me to mention her?”

“Yes,” she replied, turning her head to the right and looking out towards the sports ground where the over head lights were.

“And despite the fact that I was pissed with you and only wanted one question answered…” I was interrupted.


“Ok and despite the fact that you were pretty certain I hadn’t seen the old lady in 1983, and therefore wasn’t considering her the threat you have claimed her to be, I was still expected to be the one to come to the conclusion that us being five metres off the ground, stuck in a steel cage masquerading as kids play thing, despite all that I was still suppose to mention the old lady first?”

“Yes, how are you not understanding this?” Téa replied mater of factly.

“Oh I’m understanding it, I’m just not entirely convinced you are selling it.”

“I’m not trying to sell anything,” Téa said.

“Obviously.” she looked at me as I spoke that single word, it was a look of question as if she wasn’t quite sure what I was about to say. So instead of leaving her hanging I politely continued. “Well dear, it’s obvious that you aren’t trying to sell anything because if you were you’d be the worst salesman in the world.”

“What. Are. You. Talking. About?” Téa asked pausing between every word to make a point.

“I’m talking about you not selling your story about the old lady because despite you suggesting we should be careful of her you still haven’t made a move to get out of the rocket!”

Téa looked at me and without saying a single word she got up on her knees, crawled towards the ladder she used to get up onto my level and then made her way down. Without laughing I waited until she was firmly on the second level before I moved over to the ladder and followed her down.

By the time I was on the second level Téa was moving towards the ladder that would take down to the ground but instead of stepping down onto that ladder she took another step sideways and I knew instantly what she was doing.

Instead of taking the final ladder down to the bottom level which was only a few steps from the ground she grabbed hold of the bar in front of her face with both hands swung her hips and shouted at the top of her voice.


And then she was gone.

For those of you that don’t know the rocket at Heights Park Richardson in Texas it has a solid looking steel slide that drops from the second level and almost as if she was channelling her inner five year old Téa had just swung herself out the gap in the steel bars and flung herself down the slide towards the ground.

The ‘woohoo’ cheer didn’t stop as she went through the gap either it lasted for the entire way down the slide. I honestly could not help myself I had to laugh at her silliness.

Less than ten seconds later I was standing next to her on the ground. Of course I used the same exit Téa did and slid down the slide the same way Téa did but I was much less silly and I certainly didn’t make all the noise she did.

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