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The Parcel: Losing Patience

“So what time frame are we currently in?” I asked.

Ok I know I left you last time saying that I had just thought of the most important question that needed answering and it wasn’t what time frame we were in, but I couldn’t resist. Actually I think in part I asked the time frame question first because Téa likes time wasting and drawing things out. Had you noticed that? I bet you hadn’t!

“We are three weeks from yesterday.” Téa replied.

“Three weeks from yesterday?” I asked somewhat confused. Can you figure out why? That’s right, was it three weeks from my yesterday, which was actually today in America where we obviously were, or was it three weeks from Téa’s yesterday which was three weeks from the day before yesterday for me?

So then another thought hit me. In Téa talk three weeks from yesterday could mean the future. That’s right, I’ve seen American movies and heard American’s talk they say things like ‘fifteen minutes off three,” and “fifteen minutes from three.” Where as we who speak real English, or the bastardised version of such called ‘Stalian, we say “fifteen minutes to three.” So therefore could we actually be in the future since we were in Téa land and using Téa talk?

“Yes, three weeks from yesterday.” Téa replied, “Is there an echo around here?”

“An Echo?” I thought to myself. In Australia and maybe other countries, Echo is a company that makes chainsaws, if I had one of those, and given our location, I could possibly recreate the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Téa and her rocket could be ground zero.

No of course I wouldn’t do that, even with her ability to waffle and draw things out she was still my friend and she wouldn’t be as funny without any arms and legs.

“No my dear it’s not an echo, it’s a response to a question. Maybe you could try doing the same thing.” I said with a smirk.

“Ok, I will!” Téa said and I just knew she was not playing the same game I was. “Three weeks from yesterday.” There was a smile on her face then almost immediately she added. “Nope, sorry it doesn’t feel like a response, at least not a good one, perhaps you are mistaken?”

“Hmmm.” It was an audible noise that let her know I wasn’t upset by her comical response, but also not laughing. “Well then, since you can now control where and when we arrive in places how about telling me why you chose this particular time?”

Although more wordy it was the same question I had asked not that long before, just changed around a bit so that it came in from a different direction and hopefully gave her less wriggle room to give me a silly answer. Thankfully for me it worked.

“I chose this day because nothing overly interesting happened to me on that day.”

Immediately my thoughts were happy ones because I’d managed to get an answer out of Téa that gave me enough information to work out that we were in fact in the past. I was so happy I didn’t even have a go at here for her mix of past and present tenses in the one sentence.

“So three weeks ago you had a boring day and you figured it was worth going back to revisit?” I asked trying to confirm my thoughts.

“Well, yeah but there is more to it.” Téa replied. “I also wondered if changing the day to have something memorable happen would influence my thoughts and memories when I returned back to the current time.”

I thought for a few seconds then added. “Ok, I’ve got it. So if I punch you in the nose and you drip blood on the steel floor we are sitting on you can come here when we go back to our own time and see if the blood is still here.”

“NOOooo!” Téa growled. “What would make you think of something like that?” She even added a sad frown to her face when she finished.

“Oh, sorry I wasn’t thinking about it, honestly!”

“Well excuse me for not believing you.”

“You are excused Téa.”

I guess it was the time travel thing and the way it plays around stupidly with your mind but despite my hilarious comment about punching her in the nose I could actually see reason for her theory. What returning to the scene in the future and being able to see we had been there was going to do to our future travels I wasn’t sure but it did seem kind of important now that we, or Téa, could control where we were headed each time we time jumped.

With that conversation over it was down to the most important conversation, you know the one I suggested was more important than knowing the time frame we’d jumped too? Oh did I actually tell you about that or did we get caught up in all that waffle of Téa’s? I didn’t did I? No because I didn’t actually ask Téa the question before Téa-waffle took over.

Without further to do I set out to ask the question I really needed an answer too.

“Ok, so let’s cut to the chase.” I said to Téa after a few moments of contemplation, she nodded and I continued. “While you claim this is neutral ground,” I saw Téa ready to speak up as if she heard doubt in my voice, “and I’m not going to argue with you, “ defused that one, “why did we end up up here?”

“What do you mean? In the rocket?”

“Well yeah in the rocket, a place that takes effort to get out of.” I said.

“Oh well that’s easy, it’s because like a GPS my math,” Bloody Amercian’s and their Math instead of Maths, “isn’t precise, but it’s bloody close. I actually tried to put us on that park bench over there.” Téa pointed out to her left.

It seemed like a reasonable excuse so then I added. “Well then, you are to be commended for your accuracy. However, “ I could see her look of disbelief as I started again, “given that we are three levels up, a good five meters in the air. What would happen if your old lady came wandering into the park?”

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