“Snuckcuggerness! Where am I suppose to park this thing?”

Parking was always difficult to find during peak hour, even for those not wanting a premium spot near the door of their desired shop. But for visitors who didn’t have a specific destination in mind and just wanted somewhere to park their ride, it was even more difficult. Rigabold fell into the second category, he was a visitor looking for somewhere to park.

The longer Rigabold waited and watched the more frustrated he got. Each time he spied a space being vacated it was either taken before he had a chance to approach or the space was too small for him to to park in. At one point he even spied a car pulling out which would leave two open spaces side by side, but even before he made a move he knew he couldn’t fit his ride in there.

It wasn’t that Rigabold was a bad driver, he actually graduated licence school at the head of his class, so far above the rest of his peers that he was automatically granted an open class licence at graduation. His poor luck getting a parking space was mostly due to the size of what he driving, it might have been the smallest Stargazer in the range but the ZQ-324 was still bigger than most parking spaces allowed for.

With no parking spaces coming his way Rigabold decided it was time he got out of the city, outside the city there was bound to be somewhere to park, somewhere he wouldn’t even have to wait. With his decision made Rigabold tramped the go peddle and sped off. He hung a left, a right, another left, another right, then stopped.

No one actually saw the Stargazer as it skimmed through the mesosphere, about sixty kilometres above the earth, partly because no one was looking, but also because the ZQ-324 had one of the best cloaking devices available. It might have been the smallest in the Stargazer range but it’s ability to fly through the omni-verse undetected was unmatched by any other craft,

His speed had been blistering, no where near the speed his Stargazer was capable of but still a lot faster than any of the cars that he’d been waiting for only seconds before. His speed and the zig zagging did make it difficult to spot a vacant space large enough to park his ride in but thankfully he didn’t need to rely on his own eyes for such tasks.

The Stargazer stopped, it was an abrupt stop that in any other mode of transport could easily have seen the occupant’s innards become out-ards, but such problems did not arise in a Stargazer. It was because of the retsurht, the device which was instantly able to reverse the effect of the thruster and adjust the molecular structure of it’s occupants to keep them from deforming from the inside out.

In the few seconds Rigabold had been in transit he’d travelled from over Sydney Australia to Outback Western Australia. He’d gone from looking at the nightmare that was peak hour traffic to a large hole.
The navigation table could have told him that it was the resulting impact of a large rock formation that had fallen from space 300,000 years ago, it could also have told him exactly which galaxy it had originated from, but none of that information concerned Rigabold. All that he was concerned with was that the crater was large enough to park his Stargazer in.

No one saw it but if they had seen the way the Stargazer remodelled itself to fit exactly in the crater, as if the hole left in the ground was made by the ship, it would have blown their sweet little human mind. However, no one saw anything, because he still had the cloaking device turned on, but also because he was in Outback Australia and the nearest town was half a quagnackle away, which in earth terms was about a hundred and fifty kilometres,

So what was Rigabold doing in town?

Simple really, he’d been sent in search some something, in fact it wasn’t just something it was an item of utmost importance to his home planet. Actually. No, that is still understating it because it was even more important than that!

Rigabold came from the planet of Tumcuddula, which if any body is looking for it is found in the galaxy of Haymelurob just left of where the unnamed star called Frank, exploded four trillion squeelookals ago, (honestly you can’t miss it). On his home planet they had been observing Earth, and many other inhabited planets within the galaxies they could reach and they had mastered the creation of nearly every good thing those planets had ever developed, all things but one.

That one single item was an earth created culinary delicacy, an item so amazing in it’s taste that his species could live on it on for the rest of eternity. However eternity wouldn’t be long if Rigabold’s quest was not a successful one. They’d already survived eleventy twelve million squeelookals but it was feared that if Rigabold failed their existence would be little more than another three squeelookals.

One problem for Rigabold was that the item he was looking for was only made in one place on the planet Earth which according to the navigation table was a small town in regional New South Wales Australia. A slightly bigger problem for him was that he couldn’t get parking anywhere close and he was forced to park in Western Australia, more than thirteen quagnackles away. It wasn’t all bad news though.

Because Earth time was not the same as Tumcuddula time he had plenty of Tumcuddula time up his sleeve. Another advantage was that while the culinary delicacy he was hunting was only made in one location it was shipped around the entire country for shops to cook and sell to the people. What that meant for Rigabold was that during his thirteen quagnackle trip to where he needed to be he’d have plenty of chances to savour the delicacy and decide which chef he was going to take back to Tumcuddula with him.

So what was this culinary delicacy?