Started my new job, just the other week
For me no more, being a ‘puter geek
No I didn’t become, a Jehovah’s witness
I was moving into, the world of fitness

No I didn’t become the tennis net strainer
Straight to the top I became, a personal trainer
People signed up for my courses in droves
There was no more eating bread by the loaves

I planned and I plotted out all of my courses
I’d have these people as fit as the armed forces
Two hundred people all wanted to get fit
Who’d have known I’d be such a huge hit

All was going okay until the first day
When I finally listened to what the boss had to say
“This aint no day camp, you too have to work.
Watching all day, is definitely not your perk.”

Needless to say I was in a bit off a gruff
For this job I knew, I was just not fit enough
If I had to work out, I know I would flake
So I took solace in a huge BBQ steak

I would not work out, I would not get fit
So right then and there I decided to quit
I didn’t make a scene, I didn’t make a protest
I simply handed the boss my too weak notice.