We came back into Halls Creek not far behind Nick, Matthew had just finished telling me he was going to contact the car dealer in Broome where his car was being fixed the following day and I was thinking about home. Like most trips through town I checked my fuel gauges before passing Stephen’s service station and decided I’d pull in. I had plenty of fuel but as I’ve said before being prepared for heading out to another rescue is just something I am used to.

Stephen as usual was polite while the business transaction was taking place but once he had my signature on the account tab he started making wise cracks about wrestling crocodiles and losing. I was a bit tired so I couldn’t give him my full abuse, I mean attention, so it was a bit of a one sided fight but he was happy with that.

“So are we doing anything interesting tonight?” Matthew asked when we climbed back into the Beast after filling her up.

“Yep, you wont believe the night I have planned for us.” I replied.

I was sure my tone gave away just how sarcastic I was being and Matthew’s response proved that.

“Oh yeah? I’m absolutely positive I can’t wait to see just what it is you have planned for us.”

“Well I’m glad you’re so exited.” I replied.

“Excited really doesn’t cut it, honestly!” His sarcasm was getting thicker.

I was tired but I still couldn’t resist a little bit of backwards and forwards banter with my brother. “If you’re going to be like that I will change my plans.”

“Like what? I’m just being excited.”

“At what? You don’t even know what it is your excited for.”

“No I guess not,” It was at that moment Matthew laid it on thick as Vegemite on a slab of white toast. “But I’m just really, really excited at the prospect of doing something with my loving sister. I have spent too long out of her company and these last few days really have shown me how much I miss her. So when I say excited I’m truly just excited to be with her, it doesn’t matter what we are doing!”

I flicked on my left indicator, some people call them blinkers but blinkers are what horses have to stop them being distracted from the side. I actually want people to be distracted by the flashing lights on the front, back and sides of my truck so they can see my intention to turn, for that reason the Beast has indicators. Oh an another interesting thing about my indicators is that they flash off, on, off, on, off, on, not on, off, on, off, on, off like everyone elses!

Oops back to the story.

I flicked on my left indicator to tell those around us, of which there was no one but it was the road rules, that I was turning off the main highway and onto the road which lead to my driveway. I was actually surprised by Matthew’s sarcastically over the top statement, obviously I hadn’t been working him hard enough because I didn’t think I could come up with something that thick in my current worn out state.

I was surprised actually because on the days where I spent a long time in the passenger seat of Nick’s cop truck, which didn’t happen often, I was more tired than if I had driven for the whole day. Yet there Matthew was sitting next to me after something like eight or nine hours on the road, including helping us out when we needed it and his brain was still firing. I should really have given him some credit, but I wasn’t going too!

“It’s sarcasm like that which makes me want to tie you to the bullbar of the next southbound road train!” I said.

“Sarcasm? I’m not sure I know what you are talking about, dear sister!” Matthew replied, apparently laying it on wasn’t something he wanted to stop.

“I’m not surprised, you’ve never been one to pick up on things quickly!” I replied before adding an extremely sarcastic and punctuate, “Dear Brother!”

Matthew was laughing, not loudly but I could see him out the corner of my eye as we pulled into my drive way and headed towards the house.

“I’ve been picking up after you since you were five years old!” he said managing to hold his laughter for long enough to get the words out.

“Pity you didn’t pick up my manners and good behaviour!” It wasn’t the best ending to a brother/sister banter session but it we were home.

“Yeah! Imagine how much trouble I’d have got in then!”

I decided to let Matthew have the last word in our friendly little spat.

I steered the Beast down the driveway, instead of bringing her to a stop out the front of the house I steered her around the tyre beaten path towards the shed. Matthew’s hire car was parked in one bay of the shed, not that I had many visitors to my place but it was safer parking the thing out of sight while we weren’t home.

I pulled the Beast up in front of the door Matthew’s car was parked behind, immediately he picked up on it. Honestly sometime he was like a bloodhound when it came to clues and hints other people left for him!

“My car’s in there.” he said.

“Yep, I’m just going to push it out the other side.”

He knew that was a joke but he was still not sure why I was stopped there. “Want me to move it?”

I decided to be honest and not play games. “Nah, it can stay there. Remember when I said we were going to have an exciting night?” Matthew nodded but I could see doubt on his face. “Well you’re going to wash the Beast as payment for me putting up with you all day!”

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