Although the Good Captain and the man whom the unnamed bay was named after had never done a single deal together before the Good Captain and his crew arrived at the unnamed bay they were known to each other. They’d crossed paths multiple times during the many years the Good Captain had been sailing the seas and never before had the Good Captain seen or heard stories about what happened as they sat on that hill doing their trade.

The man who the unnamed bay was named after was known as a fair man, a man that trade could be conducted with, without drama and without distrust. His prices where high and he only ever traded with like minded pirates he knew and trusted himself but his ships where only ever of the highest quality. Many a sea bound pirate had tried to befriend the man whom the unnamed bay was named after as a means of getting close enough to him that they would be allowed to trade but very few did.

Just like it was known far and wide that the unnamed bay was protected and not able to be penetrated from outside forces it was also known across the seas that treachery, betrayal and dishonesty would be severely punished, more often than not punished with death. The man whom the unnamed bay was named after held all the cards and if he was ever dealt a card he wasn’t happy with the dealer was punished.

The Good Captain himself despite never trading with the man whom the unnamed bay was named after was well trusted thanks to one single event. That event happened way back when the Good Captain was little more than a wee runt chasing along the docks trying to convince the pirate captains he hoped one day to be like, to take him aboard as a greenhorn.

The man whom, even then, was named after the unnamed bay he resided in, was interrupted in port as his crew loaded their ship full of rum. The man he was interrupted by intended to loot his ship, take everything of value and then burn the old sloop where she was moored.

It was more accident than skill that saw the Good Captain, which he wasn’t known as at the time, run into the back of pirate who held the man whom the unnamed bay was named after at gun point. The Good Captain had simply been running along the dock trying to escape the publican who was chasing him for not paying for the flagons of cider he had drunk.

When the Good Captain ran into the pirate he hit the man with such speed that the pirate dropped his gun, stumbled and fell head first into the water. The Good Captain stumbled as well but he did not fall into the water, he did however gain a sore head and before he knew it he was set upon by the publican. However the man whom the unnamed bay was named after was having none of that, the little running man had saved his life and his ship so he dragged the publican off the Good Captain, paid the money owing, in golden doubloons of which the Good Captain was sure was an over payment. From that day fourth the two men had remained friends, but not trading partners.

It was for those reasons that the Good Captain knew he’d be able to trade with the man whom the unnamed bay was named after. It was also for those reasons that the Good Captain surprised himself by attempting to get more of the story about the third ship than he was offered. Had he been thinking clearly he would definitely not have made the statement about the ship holding its tales but it was too late by the time the words were out, all he could do was hope the man whom the unnamed bay was named after was not offended enough to cut the deal and walk away.

There was silence on the side of the hill that overlooked the unnamed bay. The two men who sat there seemed to be waiting for the other to speak but neither of them did for several minutes. When the silence was finally broken it was the Good Captain.

“Aye, it be me apologies I be offerin’,” he was obviously nervous and his voice showed it, “I shouldn’t ‘ave pushed fer more than ye were willin’ t’ offer. I be still more than happy t’ take th’ three ships.”

“Of course you are!” the man whom the unnamed bay was named after said, he then paused for a second before adding. “But you are right I do owe you a story.

She is a sloop built by the British Navy. A rare two masted sloop, fully rigged with new sails and ropes, she is also armed with more than sixty cannons. Unlike the other two her modifications since leaving her home port have not been many, but she is still a more than capable ship. There is very few ships on the water she can not catch and there is many reports through their history of these ships taking out galleons much later, single handedly.

She is sea worthy and her hull has been re-enforced, but that is about all that has been done to her. However she does hold a secret, a secret that I can not prove. It is a secret I was not going to tell you, just as I would any other pirate, but I owe you more than that. I owe you what I know.”

“Aye, I appreciate yer honesty.” The Good Captain said. “Wha’ be it you know.”

“The ship is haunted.” the man whom the unnamed bay was named after said.

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