“So how long is it since you spoke to Jessie?” Matthew asked me as we headed back to town in convoy with Nick in his police truck ahead of us.

Oh did I forget to mention we had a sister Jessie? A girl five years younger than Matthew, drop dead gorgeous and a super model. Lives in the the big smoke, models for leading magazines and cosmetic companies and is dating one of those Aussie hunks that is taking over Hollywood.

I guess we didn’t talk about Jessie much, and that might be a good reason why I haven’t mentioned, her before now, but honestly she was the sort of girl who everyone wanted to be like and everyone wanted to be seen with, and I was just jealous.

Actually, no I’m not, I’m actually pulling your leg! There was no sister but there wasn’t much happening on our trip home from the crocodile wrestling and therefore it had me thinking about a story I was reading a while back.

In this particular story the author’s characters were wishy washy in that they never seemed realistic and their traits and mannerisms changed from scene to scene without explanation. The dialogue was terrible with sentences spoken without meaning and rarely any indication of what the speaker felt. The descriptions almost non-existent in that by the end of the story the reader didn’t even know what colour the main characters eyes were. Then there was the males characters who all seemed to force themselves on the women they were attracted too like that was what women really wanted. But the absolute best, funniest, stupidest part of the whole story was when I got about eighty percent through and the author introduced the reader to a new character who was never spoken about until that point but was introduced as the main characters best friend since childhood.

So during a lull in the conversation on the way back to Halls Creek my mind wandered over those thoughts and I started to wonder if I could convince my lovely readers that Matthew and I had a sister that hadn’t been mentioned up until that point. I know I didn’t give it a great go but even after that much effort I’m convinced it’s not something that should happen. It’s sloppy, lazy story telling and I think I have established myself after all this time as much better than that! (and without any trace of ego!)

So did I tell you Matthew and I have a brother? I’m only kidding!

Instead of non-existent brothers and sister Matthew and I spoke about our actual parents on the way back to Halls. I guess it seems a bit like the two of us had barely spoken about family, barely spoken about the things normal brothers and sisters speak about since Matthew’s arrival but that’s not entirely true. We spoke quite a bit about family and other personal things during the travels we’d done and any down time I had but they were conversations that I really didn’t feel the need to share.

As I think I have mentioned our family is one of those families that functions well when together, but it also functions quite well apart. None of us need a constant reminder that we are part of a family unit, but each one of us knows where the family unit is if they need it. For that reason not much of what Matthew and I had spoken about when it came to family relations is very exciting. Definitely not as exciting as wrestling crocodiles and rescuing people like Mr. Beckham.

“So when are you planning on heading home?” I asked. I hadn’t lost track of what day it was or how many days Matthew had been visiting, I was just making conversation (to show you we did talk). I had however forgotten how many days he’d told me the mechanic wanted his car for in Broome.

“Trying to get rid of me already, are you?” Matthew replied as quick as a flash.

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t going to say anything but you’re starting to smell and the kangaroos are complaining.” My response just as quick.

“Kangaroo’s are like women,” from the corner of my eye I noticed Matthew shift his his seat, it was only a small movement left and one that did very little other than indicate that what would next come out of his mouth was something he might under other circumstance get hit for. “They complain about everything and when a bunch of them get together it’s like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

I had no idea what Real Housewives of anywhere were but I assumed it was some sort of TV show given the way Matthew referred to them in such a negative tone and because of that I didn’t respond to that portion of the statement.

“It’s a mob of kangaroos you fool, not a bunch.” Then as an after thought I quickly added, “And the whole mob still think you stink!”

“Says the girl who just had a crocodile, an animal renowned for eating people, hide in a bush and refuse to come out while she was around!”

“I’ll remind you Mr. Stinky, that the crocodile didn’t chase you either!”

“He couldn’t smell me over your stench!”

See, you wonder why I haven’t spoken much about the conversations Matthew and I have had since his arrival, I think our stink conversation is evidence of why! He’s so immature!

In the end we did have a civil conversation and he told me that he still hadn’t heard from the mechanic as to when his car was going to be ready but he also wasn’t expecting to hear from him for another day or so at the earliest. Because he’d given the mechanic my sat phone number maybe I should have realised that he hadn’t received any calls about the car but I didn’t.

“Guess I’ll give the guy a ring tomorrow if I haven’t heard from him.” Matthew replied as we cruised into Halls Creek.

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