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The Pirate Captain: The Quest For Ships P3

The Good Captain and the man whom the unnamed bay was named after sat on the hill overlooking the bay. They’d spent the entire night and most of the early morning hours, until the sun came up, drinking and partying by the water’s edge. Even when the rains came in it was not enough to cease the shenanigans, wasn’t even enough to slow them down.

The day was only just reaching it’s half point, a time many others would be eating, but Good Captain’s crew, including Captain Bildgepoole were asleep in the large hall, even when they woke they knew well enough to leave the Good Captain to his business.

At the same time the Good Captain and the man the whom the unnamed bay was named after were wheeling and dealing. After a short deliberation from up high where they sat the Good Captain had selected the three ships he wished to purchase he was now about to hear their pedigrees. Because a ships name, a captain’s name and even a battle could taint a ship for its life the Good Captain knew it would be a discussion without names, places and any other distinguishing information to give away the true identity of the ships he was purchasing.

The man whom the unnamed bay was named after took a deep breath and started his stories. “The ship with the green flag, now she is a beauty, one of my finest, you have a very good eye for ships my friend.”

“I’m on a quest, a quest fer ships!” The Good Captain said in his own mind before the story continued.

“She is a beast of her kind, she was feared wherever she sailed. She is based on the British Man-O-War and built around half a century after Sir John Hawkins first designed his sea going war machine.”

Several large birds flapped their wings over head, the Good Captain had no idea what sort of birds they were but they cast a shadow over both him and the man whom the unnamed bay was named after as they sat on the hill.

“She’s over two hundred and thirty feet long, nearly thirty feet longer that the original Man-O-Wars. As you can see she has three main masts, each mast can have up to four sails and there is three compete sets of sails in her hull as well as that what is curtained on the masts. The ropes and guys have all been replaced since she’s been within my care and the every one of them is of the highest quality hemp.”

“Mighty good!” The Good Captain replied when he heard the man whom the unnamed bay was named after take a breath.

“She’s can hold a battery of more than a hundred and forty cannons capable of firing up to twenty four pound balls and even with a battery that large you can still store enough ammunition for more than a hundred and fifty rounds for each cannon.”

“Mighty Good” The Good Captain repeated himself.

The man whom the unnamed bay was named after then went on the explain the configuration of the guns. “There be six twelve pounders in the bow making a full frontal attack both possible and savage. There also be two decks of twelve pounders in stern, six on each deck. And if you be doing that math as I talk that means there is more than sixty cannons, each of them twenty four pounders, on three separate decks, that flank the broadsides of this massive beast.”

The Good Captain was in awe, he knew he’d selected a good ship, a large ship with a large battery of fire power but until the man whom the unnamed bay was named after gave him the exact details he didn’t know just how good.

The man whom the unnamed bay was named after continued his story. “On the open water she’s not as fast as a sloop.”

“Aye, but who’d expect her t’ be!” The Good Captain said.

“Exactly! She will however do a very respectable ten knots in good water. With favourable winds she has been reported to push twelve knots. That is unheard of with such a large ship!”

The Good Captain agreed.

“When Sir John Hawkins designed his Man-O-War, it was designed to spend long days at sea without visiting port. It was used to hunt out the Spanish pirates and was successful in doing so. However when it was redesigned and made into what you see before you it did all that and more. None had seen a large ship so agile, so powerful and so capable of withstanding enemy fire. Many a pirate crew died when they saw this beast of a ship come over the horizon. In fact so successful has this ship been that it’s true havoc has never been fully recognised.”

“Oh?” Said the Good Captain.

“You wont find it in any of the history ledgers, and that is for good reason, but let me just tell you this, the story that Blackbeard was taken down by a British Man-O-War is not entirely accurate.”

The Good Captain knew better than to ask any questions, but he didn’t need to either. The man whom the unnamed bay was named after had told him more than enough about the ship and it’s capabilities. Even if he wasn’t convinced it was the right ship for him before the speech he was dead convinced after hearing it’s pedigree, the hint that Blackbeard was taken down by the ship was just icing on the cake.

“She be a mighty fine ship. She will be me pleasure t’ sail ‘n she will be me pleasure t’ make a part o’ me fleet!” The Good Pirate said.

“Of course she will.” The man whom the unnamed bay was named after said. “Now would you wish to be hearing about the ship with the Black Flag and the yellow star?”

The Good Captain really wanted to hear about the ship the man whom the unnamed bay was named after said he wasn’t going to talk about but he also knew he needed to buy his time wisely and follow the lead of the man he sat with.

“Well she’s a mighty fine ship too….”

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  1. Shenanigans is such a fun word. : )

  2. The captain has had his share of shenanigans.

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