Danny heard exactly what Tracey had said about him giving her a wonderful dream but he didn’t respond, he’d already said his good bye and was shutting the door as she said the words, opening the door and offering a response just didn’t seem like the right thing to do.

What would he say to such a statement anyway? “You’re welcome I hope to do it again some day”, or maybe “You’re welcome maybe next time you can do the same for me?”, nothing really seemed appropriate.

It was because nothing seemed appropriate that Danny said nothing, waved over his shoulder and walked towards the front roller door of the workshop. There was a better than average chance that Tracey wouldn’t let the topic drop, she’d said it once and she probably drop it again before the day was out to see if she could make him respond. But that sort of thinking was for later, he’d managed to dodge the bullet for a little while and he was quite proud of that.

The B-Double transporter had been split down and only had the B-trailer connected to the tractor, the A-trailer Danny knew would be parked out the back of the workshop. The truck was reversed into the workshop and the team would be unloading the car ready to dismantle it and hook it up to the computer to run a complete diagnostics on it. What that meant for Danny was that he could enter through the open roller door rather than make his way through the office area.

He’d only taken half a dozen steps into the workshop when he was approached by Rick. Like most mornings post race Rick was on a go slow because until the boys got the car off the transporter there was little for him to do. Whether the car came off before or after the team debrief which was always scheduled for 9am remained in the hands of the crew. What all that meant for Rick was that he was was able to almost pounce on Danny as soon as he stepped in the door.

“Hey Buddy, how goes it?” Rick said way too happy for a Monday morning.

“Mornin’ Rick.” Danny replied. “How goes it?”

“Good, good, all good. How’s things with you? I saw Tracey dropping you off, that’s got to be a good thing doesn’t it?”

“Couldn’t be stuffed picking the ute up last night on the way home so I kind of needed her to drop me off.” Danny said as the two walked and talked their way to Danny’s office.

“You could have rung me.”

“I could have but you drive like an old lady!” Danny said with a hint of laughter in his voice. Rick smiled knowing that Danny was joking, then Danny continued. “No, seriously mate it was much easier just getting Tracey to do it.”

Just as Danny finished speaking a call from the workshop request Rick head back there interrupted them.

“Catch you later buddy.” Rick said.

“Yeah no worries, you got time for chat over coffee at smoko?” Danny asked not sure exactly what he wanted to talk to Rick about. Rick agreed and headed for the workshop.

No sooner had Danny placed his things on his desk that he decided he wanted, or maybe needed a coffee. He knew the race debrief would was less than fifteen minutes away from it’s schedule start so instead of checking his emails and messages he headed straight for the brew room to satisfy his coffee urge.

Standing by the bench in the brew room Danny spooned coffee into his mug when he sensed a presence enter the room, he looked up and saw it was team manager Dave. Danny stepped sideways towards the fridge for the milk and greeted Dave.

“Morning Mate.”

“Morning Danny. Some really great racing yesterday.” Of course those words and many more of them had been spoken the evening before as the team celebrated after the race but that didn’t stop Dave from making the point again.

“Thanks, we had a good weekend.”

“Two for two mate, that’s not just a good weekend. That’s a bloody good start to the season. That’s the kind of start all teams up and down pit lane would kill for.”

“Yeah Fittzy, the fucking idiot, tried that.”

“At least the stewards punished him. Now we’ve gotta take that advantage and make sure we get the most championship points we can while he’s getting none.”

Both men knew Fittzy wasn’t their only competition for the season but he was definitely their biggest threat to the championship and gaining as many points as they could over him was as important at the start of the year as it was at the end.

“Hey Danny,” Dave started, Danny finished pouring the hot water on his mug and looked at him. “Tell me to fuck off if you wish.”

“Fuck off Dave!” Danny said with a smile.

“Ok, I asked for that!”

“Yep, you did.”

Danny thought for a few seconds then said. “I just wanted to ask a personal question, but I wanted to make sure you knew you didn’t have to answer it if you didn’t want to.”

“You want to know what’s going on between Tracey and me?” Danny was getting pretty apt at reading when people wanted to turn the conversation to that particular topic.

Danny decided there was no reason not to tell Dave the truth, it was an abridged version of the truth to ensure the story didn’t drag on too long but it was still the truth. Dave’s interest in Danny’s personal life might have been more work related than the interest that Rick showed but they both still considered each other friends.

As the two men headed towards the door of the brew room at the end of their little chat Danny asked Dave if he had any problems with Danny leaving work early. He didn’t tell Dave it was for a therapy session with Tracey, mainly because he wasn’t sure he was going to the session but even without the fully story Dave agreed to the early mark.

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