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The Parcel: One Day She’ll Talk Again

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was not something associated with sight but something associated with senses and feelings. I could sense a hard coldish surface under my backside, it felt like steel. I wasn’t sitting on a park bench or anything like that because my legs were crossed, not dangling and I didn’t have my feet resting on the ground.

The next thing I noticed was several steel bars rising in front of my eyes. They weren’t steel bars like I saw on my last jaunt, they were kind of shiny, but the big difference, one that made me think I wasn’t locked up in a prison cell was that I was outside.

I don’t think I was scared but for some reason I didn’t turn my head to look at my surrounds, instead I simply let my eyes focus further and further out, kind of like looking in a set of binoculars and pushing the focus outward to see further.

What came into focus was some tree tops and a light tower, the kind of light tower that was used to light up a football field or other such sporting venue. It wasn’t a huge light tower, it only held six large halogen lights, and that gave me the indication that whatever they were used for it was more likely a suburban type sporting arena rather than a large corporate sports venue.

I tried to focus on more than just the ‘binocular view’ as I thought of it but I was struggling to do so and I had no idea why. I guess in some ways I was getting used to stupid little glitches like I was having with my focus, whether they were caused by the time travel or not I wasn’t sure, but I also had nothing else to blame.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t move, at least I didn’t think it was, it had more to do with me not wanting to move until I started to figure out where I was and what I was doing there.

The strange thing was that while I knew I was outside, and suspected I was somewhere near other human habitation, I couldn’t hear anything. No cars, no people, no birds, not even the wind, surely if I was outside and some where near a place that needed flood lights I should hear something.

As well as being no wind, there was also no sunshine, at least none that I could see or feel. The sky in front of me was grey but it didn’t seem to be threatening rain or storms, more like an overcast autumn day, cool but not cold, warm enough for short sleeves but not hot. Wherever I was felt a bit like I was at home in the suburbs of Brisbane, but I knew that climate was not unique to Brisbane alone.

Just as I was contemplating what I could see in my small area of focus I heard a single noise. That noise was a bit of a clang and rattle on steel and it came from below me. Had I been hearing other noises around me, noises of my surrounds, the sound I heard below me probably wouldn’t have registered, and if it did it would hardly have peaked my interest. But with the lack of other sounds what I was hearing was not just there, it was almost deafening.

I tried to move but once again I seemed like I was frozen to the spot.

Another noise, similar to the first one, only louder.

Then another, this time it was more of a hard clang on steel.

Even if I suddenly wanted to move I don’t think I could have. Besides for all I knew the steel bars in front of me meant I was trapped and running wasn’t even an option. I was dead set rigid where I sat and I didn’t know if I should be frightened or relaxed.

“Who’s there?” I asked, I could hear a nervousness in my voice that I didn’t particularly like. “Where am I? What’s going on?” I still wasn’t moving but I was talking fast as I always do when I get nervous and can’t reach the answers I want to hear. “Don’t come near me or I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” I heard Téa say.

I know I should have expected it and I guess sitting back reading this you’re probably wondering why my mind didn’t immediately suggest to me that any noises and voices I heard would belong to Téa, after all the dial sent us both together to what ever location we went too. But all I can say is that it just didn’t happen and it wasn’t until I heard her voice with that sweet Texan accent, that I realised it was her.

The weird thing, well another weird thing, was that until Téa actually touched my shoulder I hadn’t been able to move. I know that sounds silly but I honestly think I tried multiple times to move in that minute or so I had been sitting there but it just didn’t happen until Téa actually touched me. Seems weird hey?

“Where are we?” I asked as I stood up and realised we were actually caged in, not only caged in but inside very cramped space that I could barely stand up in. “When are we?” I asked thinking I needed to cover as many bases as I could with my questions.

“What no hug?” Téa said with a smile. It was almost as if she had forgotten how annoyed I was with her and how I had ignored her pleas for me to contact her for more than twelve hours.

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  1. A Ferris wheel. Alex, what is a Ferris wheel for 500!

  2. Apparently you do!
    I don’t remember yesterday, weeks ago is a lifetime.

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