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A Noise In The Dark

Late last night I was alone in the bed room
There was a loud noise, sounded like a boom
I got out of bed and followed the sound
In the wardrobe I knew it would be found

I opened the door and tried not to twitch
When inside the wardrobe I saw an old witch
She stood their all happy waving her wand
I wondered if maybe I should abscond

If that wasn’t enough I also saw a lion
I think he was looking for a lost scion
I got myself ready to be shutting the door
Just in case the big lion decided to roar

Of course I was curious as to why they were there.
So I asked what they were doing in with my day wear
They stood without moving, both full of stillness
Then the witch she did say “Narnia Business!”


  1. Ho ho ho. Too funny.

  2. Oh … Frank helped me get it. Thank you, Frank. Ok then, I won’t ask…

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