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The Pirate Captain: The Quest For Ships P2

The Good Captain, Captain Bildgepoole, their crew of merry men and the man whom the unnamed bay they were residing in was named after began celebrating before the sun dipped below the western horizon. It was a drinking session that did not stop when the heavens opened up just after total darkness came over the bay. It was a drinking session that did not stop as the clock, had they been able to see one, struck midnight. And it was a drinking session that did not stop when the heavens finally closed two hours after the stroke of midnight.

For the entire night food, ale, cider and whiskey flowed like the rain that poured down from the heavens, the more that was drunk the wetter the men became, the more the men drank the less they cared about the pouring rain. The only thing that stopped the epic drinking session was the sun as it began to peak its head over the eastern horizon.

“The time has arrived for me to be getting of some slumber.” The man whom the unnamed bay was named after said upon seeing the first rays of sunshine break the early morning sky from behind the mountains.

“Aye.” The Good Captain replied.

Although a stunned look was shared between many of his crew the Good Captain knew that what they were seeing was standard practise when dealing with the man they were. Deals could be done, fair and proper deals that suited both parties, but they were done on the schedule the man the unnamed bay was named after decided they were done. The Good Captain knew that the deal would happen after some sleep was had.

The Good Captain’s crew were lead to a large hall where they would be able to sleep. There was no beds, mattresses, or even blankets on the wooden floor but there was a roof over their heads, something they had not had since leaving their own port several days before. How long they would be allowed to sleep was the topic of whispers between them but none knew for sure, not even the Good Captain.

“Lads.” The Good Captain said as their escort left them alone in the big hall. “Get yer sleep while ye can, fer tomorrow we be headin’ home ‘n thar be no rest once we be sailin’ atop o’ th’ deep blue ocean.”

In true pirate tradition the men who didn’t feel tired while they were drinking and partying instantly began to feel weary and ready for sleep as their captain spoke. Life as a pirate at sea often meant sleeping by order of the captain, not just when tiredness arrived, and given that sleep could so easily be missed whilst sailing it was foolishness to ignore such an order and not sleep. For that reason there was no rustling for space, no fighting of who would sleep where, the men simply laid their bodies, damp clothes and all, on the hard wooden floor and fell asleep.

“So what be the business I can be helping ya with me laddie?” The man whom the unnamed bay was named after said to the Good Captain, his voice still a bit of a mix match of sounds that revealed no location of accent.

“Ships!” The Good Captain said. “I be wantin’ ships.” The Good Captain’s response was an obvious one given what the man sold but both men knew it was all part of dealing process.

The day wasn’t even half over and the two men where the only ones who had surfaced from their after party slumber. Sentries lined the perimeter of the bay and remained on watch for any untoward behaviour but their presence would not be revealed unless it was needed. Likewise the Good Captain’s men would not be seen until the dealings were done.

“Well me laddie, of ships I do have a-plenty. What in particular would you be after?”

The Good Captain looked over the bay, it was hard to see every ship because there was so many but he didn’t need to see every ship in the bay before selecting his purchase. As a part of the sales process all markings, names and personal insignia had been removed from the ships and in their place each ship flew a distinctive flag.

“Green flag wit’ blue cross. Black flag wit’ yellow star ‘n black flag wit’ red sun.” The Good Captain replied.

His original intention before leaving his own port had been to purchase two ships, hence bringing Captain Bildgepoole along. However looking at what was in the bay and being driven by his quest for ships he knew that between himself, Captain Bildgepoole and the rest of the crew he had enough men to manage the journey of three ships safely back to port.

The man whom the unnamed bay was named after didn’t need to look out to across the water to know which ships the Good Captain was referring to, he knew every ship in the bay.

“Interesting choices me laddie. Do you wish to know the pedigree of the first two ships?”

“Only the first two?” The Good Captain thought but did not say. He knew the pedigree that the man whom the unnamed bay was named after referred to would not reveal names, places, battles the ship had survived or where the ship had been moored but that still left a lot of information that could be told and it was that information that the Good Captain wanted to hear. “Aye, tell me th’ tales me good mate.”

The man whom the unnamed bay was named after took a deep breath and started his stories. “The ship with the green flag, now she is a beauty, one of my finest….”

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  1. This chapter had a reminiscent feel that I enjoyed. : )

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