Danny got almost to the garage door when he remembered that the ute was still parked at the workshop having decided to leave it there rather than detour on the way home from the track the night before. Despite the realisation he kept walking to the garage but he stopped short of using the remote on his keyring to open it.

His first thought was to call Rick and ask him to drop by and pick him up, but as he stood at the closed door thinking he decided that if Rick had already left he’d be asking his mate to back track and potentially make them both late. His second thought was to get a taxi but the wait on taxis, or even that new fangled ride sharing thing that hipsters used, was too long at eight in the morning and such a wait would definitely make him later for work.

It appeared his only option was to go back into the house and ask Tracey if she could drive him to work. She would have to get dressed but even at her slowest, which he was sure she wouldn’t be, she would be dressed quicker than any alternative transport would be.

Danny turned around and returned to the house with the intention of asking Tracey to take him to work. He was fairly sure she wouldn’t refuse but he was also slightly hesitant given that he knew for the previous ten minutes he’d done and said nothing about her ‘dream’.

Stepping out of the small hallway and into the kitchen Danny had his mouth open and was just about to ask his question when he realised that neither the kitchen or the dining area was occupied. He’d only been gone a minute or so and expected Tracey to still be sitting at the table finishing her coffee, or in the kitchen, he didn’t expect her to have moved so quickly.

He called out her name but got no response so he walked through the kitchen, through the dining room and into the lounge. He heard a light thump in the bedroom and headed for the door.

“Tracey.” He called as he stepped in the door. “I forgot the ute is at…”

His words were stopped by the sight of his wife standing in front of her chest of drawers, she was naked, bent over and pulling a pair of underwear on.

“Yes I just remembered when I saw you stop at the garage. I’ll drive you to work as soon as I get dressed.” Tracey said not waiting for Danny to finish his sentence.

When Tracey stood up, pulling her underwear up and into place, Danny realised he was staring. Despite anything that might have gone on between them in the previous six months her semi naked body still stirred feelings inside him, more than one if he was being honest. In fact the truth was it didn’t matter whether she was naked, clad in beautiful under garments, or clothed Tracey stirred more feelings inside him than any other woman ever had or would again.

Tracey knew Danny was looking at her but she did not mention it, she simply grabbed her bra from the bed where she left it, put it on and continued dressing herself. She did move slightly slower than she normally would after she realised that Danny hadn’t stepped out of the room but she didn’t make a show of getting dressed or push him for comments.

When Danny finally stepped out of the room, as she was buttoning up her blouse, Tracey wondered, and not for the first time whilst getting dressed, what his reaction would be if she mentioned the way he had been staring at her. Would it bring them closer together or would he just deny it and make some excuse for what he was doing?

As she brushed her hair she realised that it didn’t really matter. If the choice was to say nothing and remain peaceful or say something and make Danny feel uncomfortable enough to make up a story then the choice had to be saying nothing. At that point in time making any comment about what had happened as she dressed was not going to be a step forward for their relationship, it did however put a few things into perspective.

Danny and Tracey talked pleasantly in the car from the moment she reversed out of the driveway. They didn’t talk about the dream, dressing in the bedroom or anything close to personal, it was all about the news they heard on the radio, the weather or other not so important topics, but it was pleasant and civil conversation, the kind they used to have regularly.

On the passenger side of the car despite the talking Danny thought about holding Tracey’s hand while she slept and seeing her dress. He knew he’d stopped and looked for too long but something in his mind told him to stop worrying about it and accept what he had done. Throughout the twenty minute trip he managed to only lose the conversation due to deep thought twice, which considering how many other thoughts he’d had going through his mind was, what he considered, a decent effort.

When Tracey pulled up into the car park of the workshop it almost felt like old times again so much so that Danny started to lean over and kiss Tracey goodbye. Instead he ended up awkwardly twisting and fumbling his way out of the car. His actions were of course noticed but Danny moved quickly hoping nothing would be said.

“Thank you for dropping me off.” Danny said. “Hope I didn’t muck up your day too much!”

“Of course not, it was my pleasure!”

“Ok, well I’ll ring you later about the therapist. Bye!”

“Good Bye Danny,” Tracey said as he was shutting the door. “And thank you for the wonderful dream you gave me this morning!”

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