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The Parcel: Wherever I Am I’m Still In Trouble.

“You think so? You only think think so?” I asked.

Well technically I asked twice but it was a serious question that I really wanted an answer too, at least I thought I did.

If you remember correctly Téa was on the other end of the telephone not only telling me that what she did in 1983 was unavoidable but also telling me that she wanted me to jaunt to another time again and that she could pick both the time and the place.

I guess I was kind of sceptical, actually I was more than just sceptical I was down right suspicious. I still hadn’t forgiven her for what she did in 1983 and a big reason for that was that she hadn’t really apologised. But I was also suspicious because it was the first I was hearing about being able to manipulate what happened with the dial. The silly thing is that I did appear to be getting hung up on the idea that she thought she could manipulate something that science said didn’t work.

“Yes I do think so. I’ve been doing research and I’m sure I can make it work.” Téa replied almost without hesitation.

I wish my statements were spoken with such little hesitation. “And how does it work?” I asked knowing as soon as I said it that I wasn’t going to get an answer over the phone.

“Not over the phone Shane. I can’t risk it!” Téa predictably said.

I knew I wasn’t going to change her mind but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to voice my opinions. “You expect me to just do what you suggest while knowing full well what happened last time?” I was deliberately vague as you can tell.

“I told you Shane I’m sorry about that but if you do as I asked I promise I will explain.”

I know I owed her the chance to explain, she was a long time friend, a good friend and despite being on the other side of the world she’d kind of always been there for me.

“I need another coffee,” Was all I could think of saying.

“How long will that take?” she asked.

“I don’t know, twenty minutes maybe.” I wasn’t going to rush it, coffee took time, good coffee took as long as it took!

“Twenty minutes?” Téa questioned but didn’t continue with tone or the pressure. “Ok well buzz me on the number in the other phone when you are ready.”

I agreed and hung up the phone.

From the phone on the bench I stepped around the kitchen bench and into the kitchen proper. The kettle needed water so I lifted it off it’s base and stuck it under the tap. I guess I was still wasting some time because I filled it more than the single cup amount I really needed.

Once the kettle was switched on and boiling I then started to prepare my mug for when the water had boiled. When I pulled the coffee jar and the biscuit tin out of the small cupboard beside the fridge I immediately laughed thinking how much I would have confused Téa if I’d told her I was having a few biscuits with my coffee., nearly as much as if I told her I was having coffee and biscuits for morning tea!

With the hot water in my mug I sat down at the kitchen table where I had my breakfast less than an hour before and started to nibble on my biscuit. I thought about turning the TV on and watching something while I had my coffee, but I decided against it figuring that even with the crap they deliver us on morning TV I’d get caught watching something and Téa would end up more upset with me for being later than I suggested. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to go anywhere but I also knew that I was going to be doing exactly what Téa had requested because I wanted answers from her as much as I had wanted that second cup of coffee.

Given my other jaunts appeared to have me absent from the house for almost no time at all I figured leaving an empty coffee cup on the bench was not going to be a huge issue so that’s exactly what I did. From the kitchen sink I went to straight into the office, turned the light on and sat in my computer chair.

I looked at the dial for several minutes, long enough to almost forget what sequence Téa had asked me to use. You know how it is when you go to key in your PIN and you draw a complete blank on the number you’ve had for a hundred years? That was me. After a few minutes thinking time the number did come back to me and I was back to square one, not sure I wanted to do it but fairly sure I was going to.

I picked up the old Nokia flip phone Téa had sent me in the mail and turned it on. Once th phone had switched itself on I opened the messages and typed the word ‘buzz’ then sent it to the only number stored in the phone. Once the phone told me the message was sent I put it down and looked at the dial.

No sooner had my brain registered the hand moving in the required sequence to reach B4 than I was transported to another time and another place. I’d like to tell you what I saw in that split second where things changed but I honestly couldn’t describe it if I tried.

So where was I?

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