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The Pirate Captain: A Quest For Ships

The Good Captain and Captain Bildgepoole had been away for several days, the Fair Maiden had been running the port and keeping the men busy. Where they had gone they had need for only a small number of crew and while the Fair Maiden knew their location she would remain tight lipped even under the threat of death, not that it would ever come to that.

The Revenge and the Privateer floated on the still water, gently bobbing up and down against the jetty they were moored to as the tide came into the bay and headed towards it’s neap. As usual work was being carried out to ensure the ships were in prefect sailing, and battle condition, but there was no immediate threat or reason for them to be sailing.

The Good Captain and his small group had left via land, headed in the direction of Nancy’s tavern then over the hills and far away into the distance. The hills might have made the journey arduous for anyone but a battle hardened crew such as the Good Captain’s but even with the weight they were carrying on their backs the trip was made in good time.

Knowing the path they would travel well the Good Captain knew before they left that they would not be in need of supplies, such things could be gathered along the way in the small towns and villages they would pass. So what was the weigh they were carrying on their backs? Doubloons, golden doubloons, the best currency of trade that the Good Captain knew, for everyone was happy to receive golden doubloons.

The stash of gold the crew carried was but a fraction of what was stored in the Castle in the air, but it was still more than enough that it would make the land based crew a target should it ever be known what they were carrying. They were of course ready to defend themselves with their swords, knives and firearms and their smaller number may have left them weaker than with a full crew so for those reasons the trip remained a secret with only the bare few knowing exactly where they were headed.

The place in which they were headed was at the edge of the land, a place where the mountains, the cobblestone paths and the grass ran out and turned into sand. It was a place where any man who tried to stand would sink to the bottom of the sea, unless he learnt to walk on water. However it was not the water or the sand that the Good Pirate had set a course to see, he was there for the ships.

“I be on a quest, a quest fer ships.” He told the Fair Maiden before he left. “Ye know I be mad fer anythin’ that that floats on th’ water. Ye also know that sailin’ ‘n piracy be how I gets me kicks. I nah be carin’ if it a barge, a galleon, a craft or a raft, I’ve always been on a quest fer ships ‘n now’s th’ time t’ get me fix!”

As they came down the mountainous path that overlooked the bay in which they were heading the Good Captain could see what it was they’d been headed for. In the quiet bay named after the man who found it and made it his home, a name known to very few people, floated a flotilla of ships. They ranged in size and shape from big to small and everything in between. There wasn’t time to count their number as they descended down the path but the Good Captain estimated their number would easily reach thirty.

The crew were greeted by the man the unnamed bay was named after before the reached the water’s edge, although it appeared at a casual glance that he was the only one present he was far from alone. His protectors only ever made their presence known if a threat was perceived and with the Good Captain and him being pals from a long time past both knew there was no threat in the arrival of such a crew of men.

The two men greeted each other without formalities such as names, they did not need them and with the Good Captain the only one who would be making any sort of trade there was also no need for the introduction of his crew, other than Captain Bildgepoole. Such formalities, or lack thereof, may have seemed odd to some people but the pirate crew was neither offended or expectant of anything more.

“What shall be your need on this here fine day?” said the man before them. There wasn’t a hint of pirate in his speech and many of the men who stood before him would have been hard pressed to even pick an accent from his words, much less the region or origin.

“I come afore ye t’ make a trade.” The Good Captain said proudly. “I ‘ave brought doubloons o’ th’ finest gold ‘n wish t’ exchange them fer wha’ ’tis ye be sellin’.”

“You wish to be buying ships?” The man said. “Last I heard my good man you be sailing two of the finest ships of the sea. Ships so fine they took on that wretched beast of the sea and beat her to a jellied pulp.”

“Yer ears ‘ave nah deceived ye, neither ‘ave yer sources o’ information.” The Good Pirate said.

“Then what be your need for more ships, me boy?”

“’cause a pirate I be, a pirate I is, ‘n wha’ I ‘ave be a quest fer ships!”

“Well my man, if that be what you want you shall be following me.” The man said as he turned and walked in the direction of his shanty. “Tomorrow we shall be dealing but for tonight we shall be celebrating.”

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  1. This chapter feels more poetic than usual. Lovely descriptions. : )

  2. You tempt me to say something ornery, you mischievous mate.
    Why did he leave his lovely maiden behind this time?

    • I didn’t do anything of the sort, but I also don’t care if you say something.

      I would suggest it was more to do with only taking a select few because of the journey and someone needed to stay at home and do the dishes….I mean be the boss!

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