Tracey woke naturally, the room was quiet and daylight was flooding in around the edges of the curtains which gave a natural, but not bright, light. She had been on her left hand side, facing the window, when she woke, her left shoulder was slightly numb and her body was telling her to roll over. As soon as she flopped over onto her back she knew Danny was no longer in bed beside her.

She lifted her head and looked at the clock sitting on the drawers at the end of the bed. Seeing the digits on the clock she knew the reason Danny had left the bedroom was because he was getting ready for work. She wished he didn’t have to go to work after such a busy weekend but she also knew better than to say anything given that turning up on the day after race day was expected by all staff, not just Danny.

In one of those strange things that the body and mind does from time to time Tracey immediately started to hear Danny pottering around in the kitchen. In the brief seconds she’d been awake her mind hadn’t registered any noises outside the bedroom but as soon as she realised the time of day the noises were suddenly there.

As Tracey lay on her back she could hear Danny getting ready to cook something, the rattle of the fry pan the give away. She could hear the kettle boiling and she heard the fridge door slam shut a few times. It wasn’t that Danny was making excessive noise more so that the house was quiet and what noise he was making made it’s way through the house.

Laying on her back Tracey stretched her arms all the way down the to her fingertips, then stretched her legs all the way down to her toes. All her bones and muscles felt stiff and protested slightly at her request for them to move. At that moment a thought entered her mind, it was a pleasant thought, kind of like the remnants of a dream just sitting there waiting to be remembered, so she ran with it.

Tracey didn’t often remember her dreams and when she did she’d usually on remember fragments, sometimes twisted pieces allowing no story to be made, while at other times she might be able to piece together part of a story, but rarely did she remember things as vividly as she was remembering she was at that moment. It felt good to remember her dream, even if it was a dream that was out of place and although she didn’t realise it Tracey was laying on the bed with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

When she opened her eyes the noises of Danny in the kitchen suddenly came back to her, along with the smells of him cooking egg and bacon. While Danny was a good cook she didn’t remember him cooking breakfast often before heading to work, he usually didn’t have time, but the sign that he was meant that he was more than likely in a good mood.

Tracey climbed out of bed, she slipped a light silk gown over her nightie and headed for the bathroom with a smile on her face. Several minutes later she stepped out of the bathroom and followed her nose as it guided her through the house to the source.

“Good Morning.” Danny said when he noticed Tracey walk into the kitchen. He had a hint of a smile on his face. “Want some breakfast? I’m cooking enough for you, just need some toast put on.”

Breakfast really smelt good and it hadn’t been her intention to come out and have him cook breakfast for her but she also wasn’t going to knock back such a wonderfully smelling breakfast. “Good Morning. I’d love some breakfast thank you. It smells wonderful. I’ll get the toast cooking!”

For several minutes the two of them worked side by side in the kitchen, it was something they hadn’t done for a long time and it was something that both of them actually enjoyed even if they didn’t tell each other.

Instead they spoke about the coming day, Danny’s work commitments and how long he’d be at work, and Tracey’s plans to visit her therapist. She invited Danny to join her and she was pleasantly surprised when he actually suggested he’d try to get off work early enough to meet her, it wasn’t a guarantee but to Tracey it definitely showed an advancement in the rebuilding of their relationship.

It was the conversation about the therapist that convinced Tracey to open up over the breakfast table and tell Danny about her dream.

“You know, I had the strangest dream this morning. Well not strange, it was nice, but it was definitely unexpected.” Tracey said after swallowing a chunk of bacon.

“Oh yeah?” Danny replied.

With no further response Tracey decided to continue, she was hesitant but she pushed herself on anyway. “I dreamt that we were laying in bed, face to face, I was asleep and you were tracing little circles in my palm with your finger tips.”

Tracey paused for a moment and as Danny finished his last mouthful of food he said. “Ok, sounds interesting.”

Tracey got the inclination that Danny wasn’t really listening so she continued with her story hoping he’d say something more befitting of the situation.

“It was more than interesting, it was nice. It reminded me of how when we first got together, depending on who woke up first, one of us would trance little gently lines on the other person’s skin when it was time to wake up.”

Danny didn’t know what to say. The past hadn’t actually occurred to him at the time he was laying there hand in hand with Tracey and it hadn’t occurred to him each time he’d thought about it since getting out of bed.

Danny exited the house ten minutes later having said nothing in response to Tracey’s words, or the fact that what she was thinking about more than likely wasn’t a dream.

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