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What’s For Dinner

Black Angus

Psycho the Black Angus

On holidays in Spain listening to Slayer
I did get in a discussion with the Mayor
I was in Spain to research my writing
And I had been watching some bull fighting

The mayor did say that it was tradition
On the day following the competition
That the chef did not serve any vegetables
Instead he just served the bull’s testicles

Different countries have different rituals
Bulls testicles may not be part of my victuals
But I was not going to knock a Mayor in Spain
And on his parade I was not going to rain.

When his dinner was served I had a question
One I asked without any aggression
“A cattle farmer is my young brother Paul,
I’ve seen them before, aren’t they a bit small?”

The Mayor looked at me and smiled
It looked like he was quite beguiled
Then said, “We all know how the fight does begin
But you know sometimes, the bull does win.”


  1. Eeewww…. not for me. Even living in a place where it is culturally acceptable, I will pass. More for you, I guess.

    • hmmm this was dumped in spam. No idea why, the meal spoken about if far from spam, in fact Spam might well be preferable.

      I’ve not tried such a delicacy but I’m not adverse to trying some exotic meats.

  2. The way you write makes me grin.

    I have missed you.

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