The Good Captain was startled awake, it was still dark outside and his fair maiden beside him had not stirred as he woke. To what had woken him with such a start he was unsure but whatever it was had left him so wide awake that he wasn’t sure he’d ever sleep again.

Instead of closing his eyes the Good Captain lay there with his eyes open focusing on the slither of moon light coming through the gap in the curtains. He often remembered his dreams, especially those vivid enough to wake him but this time he had woken with no images, fragmented or not, in his mind which indicated a dream was his reason for being so awake.

It was then he heard a voice, a quiet voice that came from the corner of the room, the darkest corner of the room, of course it had to be the darkest corner of the room.

“From another time I ‘ave come t’ ye. I ‘ave come only t’ speak t’ ye.”

He knew instantly that it was not his Fair Maiden’s voice, it was too deep and her slow sleeping breaths could be heard beside him. The voice was definitely male and it was only the fact that it did not sound threatening that the Good Captain had not leapt to action, grabbed his sword from beside the bed and attacked the vocal stranger.

“From another time I ‘ave come t’ ye.” The voice repeated.

“Wha’ do ye wants.” The Good Captain kept his voice low and calm, at the same time in his mind he pictured where his weapon was and how he would attack should the need arise.

“I ‘ave a message from another time. A message that tells of everyone o’ yer crew dyin’.”

Such words were not to be taken lightly no matter where they were heard. The Good Captain tried to focus in the dark corner where the voice was coming from but he could see nothing, not even a silhouette. The voice then spoke again, but this time it came from the opposite corner of the room, not quite as dark but there was still no shape to be seen.

“Yer crew shall be dyin’ at th’ hands, or tentacles, o’ th’ undead squids from outer space.”

It was at that moment that the Good Captain knew he was caught up in some kind of weird dream sequence so he decided to play along, ride the dream out and see if he could give himself a good story to tell the following morning over breakfast.

“From outer space ye’ say?” But instead of answering the question the voice simple continued on with it’s story.

“Th’ undead squids will smash up yer face, make ye all bloody, then they will crush yer skulls like they be pebbles.”

“Nah if we take them out first!” The Good Captain replied confidently.

There was barely time for a breath before the voice spoke again. “Such a chance be unlikely Captain. We know ye saved th’ past from those horrid Vikin’s, but they were an easy defeat, they posed no threat t’ a sea worthy crew like yer owns. But today th’ future be unclear ‘n ye must travel through time yet again ‘n save th’ world wit’ rum!”

There was silence long enough for the Good Captain to think to himself. He already knew he was in a dream, the mention of travelling to the past and defeating the weak Vikings only cemented that thought. But was he ready to travel to the future and save the world from the terrible undead squids from outer space? A foe more deadly than Vikings, a foe that could only be defeated with rum. Of course he was!

“Me dark dwellin’ scallywag ye be right, we ‘ave defeated Vikin’s, we ‘ave defeated Leviathan, we ‘ave defeated everythin’ that we took on ‘n ye ‘ave put down a challenge, a challenge we can nah refuse. Let us scuttles some slimy space squids, leave thar guts strewn through space t’ rot.”

“Ye be fairly confident fer facin’ an enemy that ye ‘ave ne’er afore seen me lad.” The voice moved back to the darkest corner of the room, again unseen as it moved and impossible to see in the dark.

“Are ye sure ye know who ye be speakin’ wit’ me dark dwellin’ scallywag?” The Good Captain said, then without waiting for a response added. “Wit’ our pirate powered murderin’ skills, our rum, ‘n our killer instinct those undead jelly fish don’t stand a chance. We shall fire upon them wit’ our deadly canons, turn them into fired calamari. We’ll stomp thar heads ‘n mash thar brains, them we’ll set them on fire wit’ a rum induced inferno.” There was silence from both corners of the room so the Good Captain kept talking. “Fuelled by rum ‘n wit’ a lust fer scuttlin’ we’ll make those bastards burn in hell. We ‘ave th’ power, we ‘ave th’ force, we shall loot on yer fight ‘n from th’ future we shall save th’ world.”

Again a silence fall over the room, there was no voice, no shapes in the dark just the streak of moonlight through the window and the low steady breaths of the Fair Maiden sleeping beside him. The Good Captain called out to his dark dwelling friend, his voice was still calm but slightly louder than it had been only moments before.

“So tell me me bucko, when does this battle begin?”

Instead of the next voice he heard coming from the dark corner it came from beside him, it of course belonged to the Fair Maiden.

“Who are you talking to my dear?” She asked still slightly groggy from sleep.

“No one my dear.” The Good Captain then rolled over to face the Fair Maiden and dropped off to sleep.

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