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The Parcel: Defending Herself Against All Odds

You thought it would be FUCKING funny????

I replied with capital letters and several question marks in an attempt to give Téa an indication that was I not overly happy with what I had read on the screen of my phone.

If you are just catching up what you have just read is my response to Téa after I asked her why she treated me like she did in 1983 and she responded with, “because I thought it would be funny.”

So I think I had a little right to be annoyed with Téa and I don’t really think that my response was too far over the top.

Relax Max!

They were the next two words that appeared on my screen. Now despite the fact that those words appeared in a little bubble that connected them to the “conversation” I’d been having with Téa I still had to think twice when I saw it. My first thought was that it was from someone else and it had some how been caught up in Téa’s conversation. My second thought was that such a thing wasn’t possible and the message was exactly where it belonged.

Another second, another beep and another message.

Settle Gretel!

Once I saw that message I knew it was time to have it out with Téa, I didn’t know what game she was playing but if she kept it up I was really going to lose my cool. Instead of stuffing around and trying to have it out with her over SMS text messages, emails or bloody chat rooms I decided to ring her and say my peace.

I decided to use my landline and ring Téa on her landline rather than the mobile phone, one because I get a substantial discount on my international calls from my landline, and two because I remember Téa telling me she didn’t have caller ID on her phone phone. She might suspect it was me when the phone started ringing at her end but without that number telling her so she would, I hoped, be on the back foot.

I looked her land line number up on my mobile and began to dial it on the hand set I removed from the base station. Somewhere between dialling the second number and the last number I realised that the ISDN beeps signifying an international call would probably give me away, unless Téa got a lot of overseas calls on her home phone, but I didn’t care and it was too late to worry about it anyway.

“He-” beep, “llo-” beep, “Téa-” beep, “Spea-” beep, “king.” I paused before saying anything and when the ISDN beeps stopped Téa spoke again. “Hello? Is anybody there?” There was another pause kind of like a pregnant pause people talk about but I didn’t feel pregnant, then she spoke again. “Is that you Shane?”

Honestly I thought, for a fraction of a second, that my first words should have been hello, or something equally as pleasant but it just didn’t happen that way.

“What the hell is your problem?” I said into the hand set. My voice was angry but no where near as angry or irate as it was when I sent the last SMS text message.

“I didn’t mean it!” Téa’s voice came back.

It wasn’t an apology but I guess knowing Téa like I did I probably shouldn’t have expected one straight away.

“You didn’t mean what?” I asked giving her a bit of a chance to redeem herself.

There was brief silence but it was so brief that I knew Téa wasn’t needing to think too hard about what she was saying. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Is that it?”

“What else do you want me to say?”

“Well, a few minutes ago you were sorry for, hang on a second let me get this right.” I looked down at my mobile phone screen to make sure I had the words right. “For what you did to me!” I took a breath but it wasn’t long enough for Téa to enter the conversation again. “That’s what you said, you were sorry for what you did to me.”

“Oh yes, and if you let me get a word in I’ll tell you I’m sorry for that.” Téa replied.

“Yes you are right, you’ve already said you’re sorry, but then you followed it up with the comment about doing it because it was fun. Then you followed it up with those other two passive aggressive comments.”

“Hey, I meant them as a joke.”

“Some joke. I was in fucking jail Téa, that was not fucking joke.”

“Whoa there.” If Téa added anything about settling or relaxing I think I would have hung up on her but thankfully she didn’t got that far. “I’m sorry, please let me explain.”

At the end of the day Téa is my friend, one of my closest friends despite the distance between us, and while I felt a bit betrayed at that moment it wasn’t something she’d ever done before so I let her explain.

In amongst the heart felt apology she did admit that keeping me in jail while stuck in 1983 was a little bit of a fun game but she also told me that should couldn’t have gotten me out of there any sooner than she did.

“All you had to do was get me to hold the watch and you could have done that at any time we were close to each other.” I said to down the telephone to her. I had lowered my tension level quite and I was far from yelling but my voice was a little bit louder than casual conversation.

“It wasn’t as simple as that Shane. I’m telling you I couldn’t make it happen sooner than it did.”

“Why not?”

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  1. You do have a way with words, and an ability to hook the reader.

    • Thanks, sometimes I do try to lay hooks and I’m glad when it works but this story really is just one of those where I really don’t think about it much.

  2. I don’t think I like her anymore. : (

    • Then my writing is doing exactly what it’s meant to!

      I guess I better not tell you that she is based on you now 😛

        • Umm… yes

          Same as Tracey 😛

          • Umm…. no. And no.

            • You do realise you don’t get a choice as the author has the final say? 😛

                • Maybe, maybe not, but I can confirm she is a direct result of your comments.

                  • What in the world are you talking about?

                    • Exactly as it says, when you react to a female character I react based on that reaction. Sometimes it may be positive, sometimes negative but since you are the only one who comments I use those comments to guide the path of some female characters. The best bit is I can often predict your reactions to some of the things I have written and that to me is a win.

                    • You’re intentionally making me not like her and then telling me she is me? I think I need some liquor in my brain before this conversation will make sense.

                    • No I didn’t say that exactly. I said she was based on you, which given how little I know couldn’t be that close. Then I said use your reactions good and bad to shape what she does. That’s not to say that just because you brought home a steel duck any of my female characters will do the same. But if you tell me one of them is bad I may escalate that badness just to make a point, or I might try to have them make amends purely to see if I can illicit the reaction I expect.

                      Why would anyone need alcohol to understand that?

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