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Where You Want To Be Kissed.

She remembered once reading
Words not meant as misleading
It was advice about smell
From one Coco Chanel

Those words that were spoken
She took as a token
On where to put her perfume
So that she would bloom

But she has learnt her lesson
And now days when she’s dressin’
She is a little more careful
Because Coco’s words did cause peril

“A lady should only spray her scent
where she wishes to be kissed by her gent”
They were the words spoken by the man Coco
She did not realise that he was cocoloco

For she did spray her mist
Where she wanted to be kissed
Coco’s words didn’t hint of any concern
But sprayed down below the perfume does burn.


  1. Giggle … your poems are so fun, and this one is so cute. It is an exciting thought in choosing where you want to be kissed…
    You have a very creative mind. : )

    • Thanks, I could take credit for it all but they are really just rewarded jokes used to fill in time because you lot don’t deserve my wonderful writing every day of the week 😛

  2. I don’t understand rewarded jokes?
    Your filler is fun. : )

    • Suppose to be reworded jokes not rewarded.
      I’m pretending to be a real blogger and just put words out there without reading what I type. Let the readers try to figure it out! 🙂
      No actually I’m just tired and busy throwing around Easter eggs and hot x buns….but mostly just tired.

      • Sounds like a fun holiday with family. Enjoy the sweetness in life, mate; it’s good for you. Hugz! : )

        • It’s all over for us now, one kids gone and the youngest in bed now it’s time to sit down and try not to fall asleep before bed time.

          It’s only just starting for you. Did the Easter Bunny visit?

  3. Happy Easter. You still awake? I hope you got some … you kisses!
    No little kids or bunnies here, but 3 day weekends are always appreciated. Family lunch yesterday was nice. Sweet rest.

    • Yeah donkey time again, still an hour and a half until midnight now.

      We get a four day weekend here every easter and it’s school holidays for the next two weeks as well.

      • Donkey time? Did you change your clocks?
        Wow … you guys get lots of holidays. We work too hard over here. Maybe that’s why we’re not happy people.

        • yeah we lost our extra hour of sunlight in the evening, for the next 6months its dark by 7pm which sucks.

          Good Friday and Chrissie are the only days of no trade but we only have 10 or 11 public holidays a year its just that all but one happen between chrissie and June in fact 8 happen between Dec 25 and Apr 25

          • I find it interesting that we’re reversed. You are coming into your dark evenings, reading, writing days and I am moving into my digging in the dirt days. I guess it helps encourage the other that life could always be worse.

            • Dealing with overseas is more annoying around change over time because the total change is 2 hours over about 4 weeks twice a year, the bit in the middle you just adapt too. I used to have some clients in Canada and it’s always the time change period that sucked the other 10 months of the year just happen.

              We haven’t finished with the warm dry weather and I’ve still got quite a bit of gardening to do before the end of autumn

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