I put my mobile phone back down on the bench where I’d gotten it from, between reading Téa’s message and putting the phone down I did switch it off silent because I saw no reason not too. The phone hadn’t rung in the few seconds I’d been staring at it and I figured that Téa had given up. Even if she hadn’t I figured the phone on silent wasn’t going to change her mind.

Once the phone was back on the bench I went and got myself breakfast. Right at the moment it didn’t matter to me whether Téa was apologising or not I was looking for something to eat and coffee, or at very least coffee.

I walked around the end of the bench and over to the kettle, there was enough water it in from the previous boil for one coffee so I didn’t bother refilling it. While the kettle boiled I organised myself some breakfast. If you’re interested I had myself, and I’m not sure if you all know about this cereal given that you might not all shop at the same places I do, some Milo Duos. They aren’t anything special just some Milo flavoured thingies, oh hang on a minute do you even know what Milo is? Milo is a chocolate powder that you spoon, or shovel, into cold milk, it’s like cocoa I guess but the idea is to make sure there is a large amount of powdery chocolate sitting on top of the milk when you drink it so that you get a chocolate powder moustache. If that’s just too much to understand just remember the slogan, “You gotta be made of Milo!”

So where was I? Oh yeah having breakfast and coffee. For breakfast I had some Milo Duos, oh hang on do you even know what Milo is? I’m only kidding. Honestly I only keep the chocolatey cereal for the kids…I don’t have.

In the time it took me to eat my bowl of Milo Duos, do you know what…Just kidding. In the time it took me to eat a bowl of cereal and drink my coffee the phone didn’t ring once and I must tell you I was quite pleased about that. In all I guess I was probably occupied for about fifteen minutes, twenty by the time I rinsed the bowl and cup and cleaned up the little bit of mess I created.

I was just placing my mug on the dish drainer, no water wasting dishwashers for this little black duck, when I heard my phone buzz and fart on the bench. Not sure if you’ve all got a phone that starts vibrating milliseconds before it starts ringing but I have and it sounds kind of funny when it’s sitting on a wooden surface and you aren’t really expecting it to ring.

I turned and looked at the phone as if looking at it was some how going to make a difference as to who was going to be on the other end. It didn’t and it actually didn’t need to because as soon as the the song Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again (by The Angels) started playing I knew it was my boss, and if you know the song, you’ll know why Alex has that ring tone assigned to him.

Just because Alex was a prick, at times, wasn’t reason enough to ignore his call, I suppose the fact that I was only two days into four weeks of my annual leave was but what the hell I’m a nice person. Not that it makes much difference to the story but given that I spend a lot of time working from home Alex was a bit confused about how the temp was going to help him do my job. He probably should have thought about that before I was actually on leave but you know sometimes people don’t know what they have got until it’s gone.

Actually Téa is a bit like that, I don’t think she realised quite what a good friend she has in me until she pushed me too far and I refused to answer her calls. But I was over that, not grudges for me.

Anyway I was on the phone to Alex for about twenty minutes, I don’t know that I eased his fears and worries but considering he did the same thing last year when I took leave I wasn’t overly worried about him. And just like last year I knew after four weeks leave I was going to be picking up a lot of crap when I returned to work.

I was just about to place my phone back down on the bench when I decided it was time to interact with Téa. I looked at the time and did a rough calculation that had my mind telling me it was late afternoon heading into evening in Téa-land. There would be no problems with her being awake but would she have her phone with her? Of course she would, I had a feeling she was waiting for my call after all.

Instead of calling I decided to respond to her message and see how she reacted. I opened the message, hit reply and typed the following.

Sorry for what?

Almost instantly I got a response from her.

For what I did to you.

Ok it wasn’t the best apology but if you’ve learnt anything about me it’s obviously that I don’t hold a grudge or draw things out too far. So after checking the letter box and putting a load of washing on I replied with.

Why did you do it?

There was no harsh words about the time it took me to reply, I just got the following on my phone screen moments later.

Because I thought it would be funny!

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