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The Parcel: Redeeming Herself?

Even though the television was on until after 11pm that night I wasn’t really watching it, I was looking at it but I really wasn’t paying attention to it. I’d gotten over my pissed offedness (yes that’s a word because I just made it up) with Téa not long after I started watching a repeat of Big Bang Theory.

It was the Big Bang Theory where Penny, Bernadette and Amy went to Vegas and Penny found out she had to study instead of getting wasted and perving on male dancers with the other two. Several scenes focused on Penny with her short blonde hair sitting at a table with a pen in her hand wearing a short black dress and heels. She was ready for a night out but knew that staying in and getting her study done was more important. Actually you probably don’t need me to recap what happened in that episode but I can tell you there was something about her studying in that get up that made forget about Téa and her antics.

So while I had gotten over the pissed offedness, (I’ve used it twice now, once more and it has to be accepted into the dictionary I think), because my mind was other wise occupied with something else maybe I hadn’t completely forgotten about it. I say that because when the show straight after Big Bang Theory came on all I wanted to do was throw the remote at the television.

I didn’t actually go through with that feeling of rage I felt for the television but the thoughts did occupy my mind enough that watching what was a new episode of Madam Secretary was made pointless because I wasn’t able to concentrate on the story. Lucky for me our increasingly out of touch with reality television networks replay their top rating shows, or in their terms preform an “encore event” and I would get another chance to watch the show when my attention wasn’t somewhere else.

The silly bit about feeling such annoyance was that no where in the show Madam Secretary, other than the credits, which no one really reads anyway, is the main character referred to as Téa, that is the actress’ name not the character, yet seeing her on screen all my mind could think of was Téa. It’s not even like my Téa looked like Madam Secretary’s Téa, they looked nothing alike, not even in my dreams, in fact about the only thing they had in common was their given names.

After Madam Secretary came the news but since I couldn’t focus on it I watched it for barely fifteen minutes before deciding that it was bed time. Although I’m not addicted to my phone I do often check it for any messages or calls I might have missed because the TV was too loud or I was in the shower, or any number of a hundred reasons really, but on that night I didn’t. I did think about it as I walked passed the bench on my way to get a drink out of the fridge but I quickly changed that thought. I’d turned it off for a reason and for that same reason I would deal with it after sleep and not before.

Considering I hadn’t slept since 1983 I think I slept fairly well that night!

I did actually sleep nearly a full eight hours, that was pretty much unheard of for me and on the odd occasion I did sleep that long I usually woke up sore and stiff, but neither of those happened. Whether it was because of my multiple time jaunts and weird time patterns or whether it was because I was tired and annoyed and those bottled up emotions just knocked me out I guess I will never know but I was thankful for the sleep.

My first thought wasn’t about the phone or what messages Téa might have left me but it was one of the first few. I still didn’t feel overly bad about ignoring Téa like I had given her attitude but at the same time I knew I wasn’t going to be able to avoid things all day.

I lay in bed and did the rough time calculations to work out what time it was in Téa-land. I wasn’t worried about the exact time but a quick mental calculation told me that breakfast time where I was made it mid afternoon the day before where Téa was. If all was as it should be, apart from her being mad with me, she’d be awake and possible even at home waiting for me to wake up.

I got out of bed and had a shower, she’d waited all night another ten minutes wasn’t going to hurt, before heading out to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. As I left the bedroom I was adamant that I wasn’t going to check the phone until I had finished my first coffee but of course the temptation was too much and as I walked past the landline I glanced down to see if there was any flashing lights to tell me there was a message. There wasn’t!

I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that Téa had given up and was waiting, possibly not very patiently, for me to call her. With those thoughts of relief I then picked up my mobile phone and turned it on. I was not surprised when after the phone booted up there was a beep to alert me to a new message, I was less surprised when I saw the message was from Téa.

However what I was surprised by was message that I saw when I opened it.

“I’m so sorry!”

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