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Heavy Haulage: Who’s That Knockin’ On My Door

There was a banging on the door my truck, someone was obviously trying to get my attention.

I’m fairly astute like that!

“Hang on a sec Henry.” I said into the phone interrupting my discussion with the boss and pushing the button on the door handle to lower the electric window.

Jimmy was standing at the step of my truck looking up at me, as I looked down at him through the open window. As my head stuck out the open window I immediately realised why Jimmy was standing before me.

“Dinner’s on mate!” Jimmy called up from ground level.

“No worries mate, just talking to Henry. I’ll be long in a few minutes. Save me something.” I said it loud enough I hoped Henry would hear down the other end of the phone. I wasn’t really trying to hurry the boss up, he obviously had something important to tell me, but at the same time dinner was on.

As Jimmy waved and wandered back towards the rest of the crew I lifted the button on the door to raise the window. In the short time it took to have brief chat with Jimmy the wafting smell of snags and bumnuts on the grill had already filled the cabin of the truck. Shutting the window might have lowered the outside noise from the highway traffic but it also trapped the smell inside and made me even more hungry than I already was.

I put the phone back to my ear and said. “Henry, not trying to give you the bum’s rush mate but dinner is on and my truck now smells of snags and eggs, what can I do for you?”

Henry wasn’t pissed but obviously he had better things to do at 6pm at night that talking to me. “Remember I rang up about three hours ago,” he was obviously being funny, “well I rang up with a problem and knew you were the guy who could help me with that problem.”

“Maybe you should tell me then mate, I might be able to do something to help. After all we all know a problem shared is a problem halved!” I’m always one to help where I can.

I did tell you that Henry was a good bloke and could take a joke didn’t I? Lucky for me I guess.

“I get rid of my problems by sending them on trips to the outback.”

“Hey! I resemble that remark!” I said.

“Exactly, now, how about you shut your yap and let me speak?”

Did I also tell you that Henry can get things back on track when he wants too?

“What can I do for you Henry?” I asked politely.

“Send me the fucking footage.”

“Send you what?”

“Remember when I rang and we were talking about that bloke in the silver Commodore who claimed you can’t drive?” Henry said from the other end of the phone.

I knew the time for games was over so I pulled my finger out and played the game Henry wanted me to play. “Yeah mate, what about him?”

Truth is I hadn’t forgotten about the guy, but I had temporarily put him towards the back of my mind as we bantered and talked about nothing in particular.

“Well he’s claiming you guys are the bad drivers and caused his to crash in the tree.” Henry said.

“Yeah I remember that.” I did too.

“Well, remember I mentioned that he was wanting to sue us?”

Okay I was playing along here, of course I remembered everything about the call and the incident earlier in the day but since Henry was in such a good mood I was happy to play with him as well. At least he’d go home with a smile on his face!

“Yep, Henry. He wants to sue us because he drove into a tree. I remember it well.”

“Well, how about you do me a little favour in relation to that little incident.”

“Sure mate, I’ll do anything I can. Just name it!” I said meaning it but with a hint of sarcasm as well.

“Send me the fucking footage!” His voice was loud but he still wasn’t loosing his cool. However I also knew he was serious and it was time for me to be serious as well. It was also the very time I realised what he was talking about.

“OH SHIT!” I said in surprise at my silliness. “You want the dash cam footage.”

“And B.I.N.G.O. was his name!” Henry replied.

I know it sound kind of strange but I had forgotten about the dash cams in the trucks and utes. Of course I knew they were there and running whenever the engines were running, they were kinf od had to miss and I was looking at the one on my truck as the realisation came upon me. But I’m not one of those people who anally hunts through their dash cam footage in the hope of seeing if there is anything of other drivers embarrassing themselves so I can post it to the internet and act all high and mighty. I leave that shit to the special people who think they are god’s gift to driving.

“Mate! I completely forgot about those things. Give me half an hour to have dinner and me and the boys will sort through the footage and email you the incident. We’ve got good mobile net signal here, should have no troubles sending the videos through once we’ve cut them on one of the laptops.”

“Thank you Matt. And to think that only took about ten minutes longer than it needed too! Now I can go home and enjoy my night in a comfy bed” Henry replied with a laugh.

I told Henry not to rub it in and then we said our goodbye and hung up from each other. I then left my phone on charge and headed back to join the boys with a bit of dinner before getting the footage that Henry requested.

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  1. What are snags and bumnuts?
    Also, I think it is supposed to be “and Bingo was his name O.” You’re supposed to have a O on the end. Yep. That’s the way I remember it.
    Nice banter. Matt is so cool! : )

    • Hmmm you don’t know what snags and bumnuts are? Have you not read my aussie slang posts? 😛 Snags are sausages and bumnuts are those nut shaped things that come out of a chooks bum!

      That is how the song goes but I didn’t want to get done for plagiarism (that and I was probably half asleep when I wrote it) 🙂

      Matt is a trucker, king of cool 🙂 (there is a country song titled that but I wont find it for you)

      • Matt is definitely king of cool! He is freezing, he is so cool!
        Yuck! I don’t think I can each an egg ever again. That’s gross! And you guys say we’re strange?

        • Oh come on and egg dosen’t change taste or where it came from just because it has a different name. How do you think eating eggs came about? Two people sitting in front of a chook and one saying, “I’m going to eat the next thing that comes out of that chooks bum?” 😛

          It’s no wonder you lot have ketchup because you’d refuse to have a “pie and dead horse” too 😛

          • Stop! No more ruining food for me. I don’t like ketchup, and I don’t want to know what pie and dead horse are. Don’t even tell me! Lalalalalala….. I’m not listening!

            • See you American’s are weird rhyming slang doesn’t make things taste worse it makes food taste funny 😛

              Oh yeah and since you’ve gone to bed while I was out and therefore wont answer the other comment I forgot to add. Grandma wont happen for a while because I have an alien story to finish before her and the truck story has to finish before the alien.

  2. Hi, are you okay?
    did the fire affect you guys?

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