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A Holiday To Disneyland!

bad poetry

Her obsession with Mickey Mouse
Was known well throughout the house
Our daughter said it would be so grand
If I were to organise a trip to Disneyland

It’s hard to ignore such a heartfelt plea
If I was to say no what sort of Dad would I be?
So off I went to organise the trip of a life
Airfares and hotels I confirmed with the wife

Disneyland was just great, from all the rides
To the parades, to all the shows on the sides
Mickey and Minnie, Pluto and the ducks
All characters were seen, one even wore a tux

Disneyland is definitely the place of good dreams
Everyone who goes there smiles and beams
Our daughter was right it was a great holiday
The kind of place everyone wishes they could stay

Dad Of The Year, a title I knew I had earned
For organising a holiday for which she had yearned
Excited she should have been, not envious and green
When I returned home and told her what I had seen!


  1. Giggle …. you’re terrible! Famous twist at the end! I’m embarrassed I don’t anticipate it yet. Not good, dad!

  2. I’m actually on holiday and go home today. I was able to get some inspiring photos, I will try to post and write about soon. No Disneyland, but still fun.

  3. Yes. Because I am special! : )

  4. Maybe you’ll like some stuff coming soon?

    • Maybe I will. I hope it’s good stuff and I wont be let down from this level of excitement though.

        • I know, I am hard to please. I just cut my first watermelon of the season and I am very nonplussed with the whole situation.

          • Was it not very good? I loooove watermelon! Yum!

            • The taste is average, but I don’t think I could count high enough to count the number of seeds in my seedless watermelon. I picked the smallest to see how it was because the humidity has effected them more than if we’d actually got any rain. The others out there do look a bit better but if the seeds are in proportion to the small one I wont have a bin big enough for all the seeds, one of them is heaps larger than a basket ball

              • You spoiled Aussies. Just slices them out. Yum! Enjoy for me too! Humidity??? What is that? I need to Google that?

                • I did slice them out but the little one was only about 5 inches round and by the time I cut all the seeds out there wasn’t much left for all the effort.

                  Humidity is that thing what happens where people think it’s going to rain but instead what it does is threaten rain, rattle thunder, makes everything hot and sticky, then the promised rain never occurs. We got our first rain in more than 60 days today and it would be lucky to be 1/8 of an inch. However we’ve had plenty of days of 90%+ humidty. Over where the inlaws live it’s the opposite, stinking hot and no humidity, but when it rains it comes down in bucket loads.

  5. I guess I live with your inlaws, but no buckets this winter. It rains from the ground here.
    I was considering planting those personal sized watermelons this year, so you don’t have to wait so long to harvest. Let me know what happens.

    • You live with my in laws? Damn you are brave!!

      I haven’t tried the small ones and I really didn’t have any intention of trying the big ones again because like corn they are too inconsistent if we get these silly up and down summers where it’s cold one day and stinking hot the next. This year the watermelons were suppose to be cucumbers, Mum gave me three seedlings and said they’d be long skinny things for eating with salad, but they turned out to be big round things with thousands of pips.

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